The life with the 22nd f南京桑拿夜生活论坛inal rule

” the moon in the dream ” Huai Xiaorou / , this chapter in all 2610 words, update at: 2019-08-19 18:00

Dim in the designed arrangement that feels everything is God, since the life is decided early already, still strive for much work why the do sth over and over again of a few time. When the defect that discovers me, zhang Wei asks to go again and again big city cure, say our money is used quite, regular meeting has a miracle to appear. But, this kind of disease does not have very good treatment method at present, also be the attempt of experimental sex only. Although I had had the idea of drag out an ignoble existence, still meet occasionally very intense, but sensible when it is to be willing so therewith is natural, and also very accept, the acknowledgment God arrangement to my destiny. The life that oneself do not know previously can be planted with where means ends, also do not wish to guess, and the means that I die nowadays has been shown before, resembling is the calm after a kind of in fear and trembling, at least the heart was installed come down. Although begin to feel this kind of means has some of passive awkwardness, the choice that if oneself can be active,hopes is good, which can but go up to the sky,meet you so great right. Compared with a lot of person, dead before do not know oneself are about to leave this world momently, I think I am lucky, consequently I accept this kind of way, also slowly acknowledgment god i[……]


T深圳桑拿网 www.ai水墨.comhe 8th chapter marries

” the moon in the dream ” Huai Xiaorou / , this chapter in all 3500 words, update at: 2019-08-05 18:00

Since after be informed the message that you are engaged, since a few months, never hear your other information about marriage, this thinking that be engaged is a bruit only, slowly mood be pacified comes down, another cut as before, you or a long time ago you.

But one day in the evening, I am upstair look around you, that day will be on June 5, I am written down very clearly, because that is my birthday. Although had been midnight, but in your home as before lights brightly lit, the person ambulates bustlingly. My curiosity produced what thing, incline the head carefully listen attentively to any voice, hope to be able to listen to a main threads of an affair to come. From inside desultory talk, I decided a terrible news really gradually, you will marry tomorrow!

At first, I do not believe, but the scene that prepares before all hurried marriage and language of person character person decide this information really again and again, I stand in moon to leave giddy dazzled head a blank, eye inky later what did not know. Awake again till me, it is good to was used recollecting me a little while is where to be, search your house immediately next, everything already tended noiseless, whats did not happen before seem same. Whether is I suspect a moment ago to make a dream, but my afterbrain spoon is v[……]


The 43rd Zh广州夜网ABDang Hanxiang is in a dilemma

” still bead sequel ” city puts an ox / , this chapter in all 2823 words, update at: 2019-08-12 22:09

Forbidden City too with the hall.

Qianlong emperor from Naxun later, first go to court, civil and military hurrah of a hill, after the ceremony finishs, qianlong just starts to talk say: Smooth body.

Numerous chancellery returns each former, among them genuflect of a drive history in the achieve on the ground: I have this wanting that show to send the emperor drive to see.

Say, show a notebook on, qianlong is opened after looking, say: Do you want man of serve of impeach the Ministry of Punishments in feudal China? Then drive history: Yes, yangzhou knows government office to be between lieutenancy, take bribes pervert the law, deceive one’s superiors and delude one’s subordinates, especially its forced releasing civilian house, popular indignation is great, according to exemple when behead, knew government office to make condonable silver beforehand because of Yangzhou only, just sentenced a banish of remove from post, never employ, a surname of man of serve of the Ministry of Punishments in feudal China Yours Excellency advocate careful this case, I think, she Daren this is felonious sentence gently, still ask the emperor bright examine.

What is condonable silver? Condonable silver, it is clear Chao Qianlong year by what offer to establish with one carries[……]


The 11st chapt2020佛山按摩论坛er

” still bead sequel ” city puts an ox / , this chapter in all 3495 words, update at: 2019-08-12 20:11

Tell these, fine the mood one open-minded a lot of, restored again gradually ferial the optimistic work wave in, she is playing Xiao Jian’s hand, say: We go rowing in the lake. Say, pulling Xiao Jian to go toward lakefront, be in on lake face, with a cord is complete boat, hull already was sealed by ice cube, two people go aboard, break ice cube into pieces with oar, the edge hits an edge to delimit, not how long, among Hua Xianghu, big water area that has not freeze together is among the lake, two people aboard says poetic word song is endowed with a little while, talk about life ideal a little while, do not become aware days is fleet, gradually colour of sky became dark come down.

Fine Ci Ning palace is returned before the sun sets, cold night is long and north is noiseless, after Xiao Jian washs gargle, nod an oil lamp, take out a book to carry light dark to read, be in wonderful part, audition room outbuilding has light activity below brim, xiao Jian asks: So late at night, who outside? A voice that hears only returns: Report back is little advocate, this two sunset have little advocate phonic message, follower people be at ease no less than, look for come here, do not want to disturb little advocate Qing Meng, still look little advocate do not blame.

After Xiao Jian listens, say: I had not s[……]


Interview of the 广州夜网论坛6th chapter

” the talented woman of rich and powerful family of renascence is avenged write down ” Zhao Jiang night / , this chapter in all 1186 words, update at: 2016-08-04 13:22

“Young lady, have your letter. ” dimple is bitter waited a few days to have turn then eventually.

Tian Huashu company? Dimple sees incoming letter address is clear, do not remember oneself sending a manuscript however.

Accident, still will believe fine fine read.

Outside the letter in the letter the appreciation that permeate gives pair of dimple literary grace, express to need such writing very much hand, hope to interview goes before dimple is free.

Even if is such, dimple still is done not have by excited turn sb’s head, some more careful still good.

Oneself still are when the literary world, have hear of early to company of day China book, enrage in literary domain name not only quite big, because of,return its and black path somewhat come-and-go, reason by everybody dread.

But why can you know oneself are returned into the literary world of purpose ” self-invited ” ? This bit of dimple wants to be illogical indeed, stopped, the thing with this kind of unidentified antecedents is touched less still offend had better.

Dimple is receiving the letter, see inscribe is in familiar handwriting to be stupefied, “Zhao Zhao ” . Be afraid of on this[……]


Blade of the 240th广州蒲友论坛 chapter

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His lip glides all the way, go up because of her abdomen however of a a few inches long cut appear and stopped.

His eye at a draught focusing is on her cut, see this look, this is like the blade that is operation hind, although had grown, but cut is very new however, if coagulate,in her the set off of the skin like fat falls all the more dazzling. He not by extend finger, gently touching injury point, that is hard the heart that good tactile impression lets him not by one paroxysm quivers, she how? Come one this many year what thing did she produce? How is this blade to return a responsibility after all?

He has too much doubt, not by raise a head to look at Zhuo Ya, how many thing does she still have to hiding the truth from her after all?

Zhuo Ya feels his hand to be touched on his blade all the time, tighten in the heart, sat from sofa at a draught, arranging oneself dress hurriedly.

“How is this to return a responsibility? ” the eye that He Shaofei is staring at Zhuo Ya, can she tell the truth with oneself?

The be pacified that Zhuo Ya tries hard wears oneself heartbeat: “Do not have a thing, already good. ” the appearance that she pretends to be quiet, actually in her heart nervous dead, she cannot tell him this thing.



The 226th c广州夜网论坛EFDhapter returns to nature

” seek a dumb person ” ambitious woman is incomparable / , this chapter in all 3925 words, update at: 2019-01-04 19:05

Disappear one many year, ying Zichang is a lot of taller, and more and more beautiful also. She sees Chen Xinning is very glad, pink is tender the hand that delicate little hand is grabbing Chen Xinning only is not willing to be scattered.

Chen Xinning is holding her in the arms to be happy on her face kissed: “Flower child, think me? Think me??

“Thought, flower child have for ages did not see old aunt still has Uncle He, where do you go to? Why to see me. Still have Uncle He, come to here from me he had not come. ” flower child still admit quite close, at the outset she gets a severe disease, it is old aunt still has Uncle He to take care of her beside her, still spend Qian Zhi disease to her, in her little heart, it seems that these two talents are the most important.

Chen Xinning is touching her hair: “Uncle He he is very busy, did not see you for nothing, nevertheless I can tell him, you think him very much, it is good to make him available see you? It is good to make him available see you??

Flower child nod: “Good, aunt, when do you marry? ” the idea of dot is so simple, it is probably in her pure acknowledge, he Shaofei and Chen Xinning just should be a pair.

Flower child if just said, chen Xinning felt a bundle of cold[……]


广州夜网MHGThe 217th Zhang Zhengchong

” seek a dumb person ” ambitious woman is incomparable / , this chapter in all 3329 words, update at: 2018-10-27 20:36

Chen Xinning is listening Shen Qingyi is saying about grand this world in one’s childhood everything, she feels such he just is complete, surely unexpectedly he ever also had had so much happy time.

Suddenly her mobile phone rang, it is an information.

Chen Xinning holds the laugh of apology in the arms, had taken a mobile phone to look, grand this world sends the message on the mobile phone, a few short words are only above: I think you!

Chen Xinning face at a draught red, how does he return a responsibility? Upstairs and downstair send message even, and what still say is so disgusting.

“How? ” Shen Qingyi sees the heart blushs rather, a bit strange.

Chen Xinning is busy shake shake one’s head, to conceal oneself awkwardness, she stood: “That, do I go helping king aunt cook? Do I go helping king aunt cook??

“You just came back, should rest well rest, elder sister did I and king to go. ” Shen Qingyi but not be willing to part with or use lets her cook.

“Do not have a thing, I am not tired, when coming back besides, aboard slept. And he is used to grand this world the meal that eats me to do. ” what Chen Xinning says is truth, this Gu Hao is in relief, the mouth also is more and more argument[……]


The广州桑拿夜网论坛VSD 159th chapter the woman that I am you

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Gave the door, they see He Shaofei a person is stupefied the station that be stupefied aside, the eye looks to distance. His form looks at the moment is in that way alone unexpectedly, all along he is one can laugh be proud all person, such he lets a person have some of feel sad.

Zhuo An’s body also has been carried, the crowd also came loose. Chen Xinning helps cereal grand this world to the car, she sits to cab, of care viewed cereal grand this world. He got on a car to close an eye, seemed to sleep, yes, a moment ago helped him up in her when, on the her apparent body that finds him a bit effort was done not have, her bring into contact with his body, unexpectedly of soft, strong always and overbearing this and that he is too different, zhuo Anlin died to also spill a salt on his heart.

But eminent is elegant, doesn’t your mom have a thing? Chen Xinning is a little afraid, because be like argyria so much in vain unexpectedly surely year, toxin has been in the likelihood the deposit of the little inside her body, immerge is medullary.

Chen Xinning was opening a car to return the home. This all the way, cereal grand this world appears to be worn in lethargy, likely also he is to carry repeatedly the effort of the eye was done not have. King aunt looks at Chen X[……]


Where is happiness of t广州桑拿论坛体验报告he 171st chapter

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Where is happiness of the 171st chapter

Chen Xinning was stupefied, obviously she knows to there won’t be others besides him in this house, but she or some are accident, surely unexpectedly he had slept, and with his present spirit state, can be you still written down so that oneself are afraid of thunder?

She is held in the arms to be in the bosom by his strong arm, it is so warm safety. She has turned round to look at him, did not have in his eye before overbearing and callous, full however is care and bestow favor on be addicted to, such he is mixed still is special really in those days picture.

She reachs a hand, gently stroke on his cheek, occasionally she feels to go down so all the time even pretty good also, at least in the heart of grand this world so won’t painful with kink.

“Do not be afraid of, I am in. ” he is saying simply, be in that probably when thunder is noisy, what he thinks of the first times is heart peace, he knows, also remembering her is most be afraid of thunder. So he wants instinctively to seek her sign, see her when a person stays on the ground to quiver, he is wanting to want to protect her only, this thought is early in his heart with confirmed, even if now such state, he also did not forget.