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After a good morning, subsequently and those who come is abiding silent.

Good wait not easily come the clerk delivers eat sheet, “What should you drink excuse me? ” in the center of the clerk stands complaisantly in Annam and boreal the court of a feudal ruler, as it happens separated their awkwardness.

“3 article treat coffee of two cups of blue hill and two characteristic. ” Annam saw eat card nod sheet directly only. The clerk diverts very quickly to two to taking the boy body of sunglasses subsequently, “Gentleman, what should you nod? What should you nod??

“Mix they are same, come to two. ” boreal the court of a feudal ruler appears also appetite of it doesn’t matter, eat card returned clerk hand intactly finally to go up.

“Wait, give me eat shop sign. ” unexpected ground takes evening of wash one’s hair eat card, the flange side her says, “Annam, also do not drink coffee, be to say to take a place delicate? Come bowl congee was gotten. Come bowl congee was gotten..

“Not, I am not willing to eat congee. Got, you a soya-bean milk of my coffee instead. ” Annam is worn with eyes signal clerk. The clerk has scratched eat card quickly vamoose.

“Don’t you like to eat congee? No wonder I these days did not see you had eaten. ” dusk of wash one’s hair says to turn attention across on two boy bodies that taking sunglasses.

“Annam, are you uncomfortable? ” north hopes to put up a word to Annam suddenly.

“Do not have. ” Annam answers.

“Oh. ” north hopes to also do not ask more.

Does dusk of wash one’s hair hope stealthily to say: towards north suddenly? Does ammonia finish the material before short for the Yihe River of  of #  boundless and indistinct sincering feeling is fastened Lv Sejun of Huang of quarrel of heart of a gathering of things or people of garden of tip of iridium of  of bewildered of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase?

“Hum? Good. ” north hopes to say.

“Be such, I and Annam come here is to working job is in actually of the body, actually we want to make a special report to you. ” dusk of wash one’s hair has sincerity ground to say very.

North hopes to listen is the job, the head is big. He is good escape not easily agent receives the job about the job two days again, but feel embarrassed really again refuse, look at Ge Beiting again, does think better of say: ? Fly tip garden.

“Good, actually I also do not miss the work, decided so, annam? ” the double eye of excitement of dusk of wash one’s hair is looking at Annam, annam also does not know how to reply.

“Elder brother, OK? ” north hopes to appear pretty expects.

“Hum, if if install a young lady,minding. ” boreal the court of a feudal ruler says.

Install a young lady, install a young lady, say we are quite unfamiliar really.

“Annam, how? OK? ” dusk of wash one’s hair is being worn urgently aside.

“The forehead… ” Annam hesitates one blast, “Otherwise such, dusk letting wash one’s hair stays, I still have other issue to want to handle. ” Annam this word, displeased it seems that many.

“What? You actually cruel-hearted drop me! ” dusk of wash one’s hair is looking at Annam, annam one silent.

“Annam, do you still have other issue to want to do? Cannot procrastinate? ” north hopes to ask urgently.

Awkward atmosphere is built beside Annam again rise. Annam does not have method, cannot say not to think He Beiting stays together directly, she can use other method only.

“I am sorry, it is dusk of such wash one’s hair, you also know I just left hospital before long, the doctor does not worry a bit, made an appointment with me to will be done the day after tomorrow reinspect. So, I am sorry, disappoint north hopes you well-intentioned ” Annam says, one restores again all around silent.

“Is this reason true? ” after dusk of wash one’s hair and Annam return a room, dusk of wash one’s hair searchs salaam south.

“Hum. ” Annam lowers his head subsequently not language.

“You tell the truth to me, must not cheat me. If be the word because of boreal the court of a feudal ruler really, I do not mind to go back with you. ” immediate stand sth on end presents evening of wash one’s hair in Annam.

Annam is silent still not language, the head is small lower.

“I saw you encountered last night actually, I still know you and he returns waltz of one take off. ” dusk of wash one’s hair tries to let Annam to oneself honest.

“Good, I am sorry, the reason is you want in that way, I have no alternative. I have no alternative..

“Good, then you tell me, did you go last night which? ” dusk of wash one’s hair both hands dish before the bosom.

“I also do not know, anyway I am written down I am maltily only, in the room that after awaking next, discovers oneself hope in boreal the court of a feudal ruler and north, next I take the advantage of them to be asleep secretly so time runnings. ” say of Annam awkwardness ground.

This explanation makes dusk of wash one’s hair open-eyed really many. “What didn’t they do to you? ” dusk of wash one’s hair says afraidly.

“Without, the dress returns labour to be rectified carefully and nearly I rise, do you regard others as what? Anyway I came back so. ” Annam says.

“Good, I understood, what has although I do not know you and north hope,his elder brother produced, but I should remind you, be an upright person not to want too persistent, cowardly, want to dare to face God to be arranged to his, you refuse, you cannot refuse the 2nd times, the 3rd even the 4th! ” dusk of wash one’s hair is exhorting Annam.

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