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Night, seem to mixing diurnal color, obviously very dark very black, let a person feel however very shine very bright.

“Annam, we arrived. ” side of boreal the court of a feudal ruler is hoping to sit in deputy drive the Annam that go up, the angst in his heart and insecurity are reflected was in he extends that is only small on quivering hand, “You. . You are willing, accompany me, go attending a party? Go attending a party??

The Annam that lowers his head to staring genu skirt to place all the time looks up slightly, “Boreal the court of a feudal ruler, you. . You can tell me, what party is this? ” slightly float foils better in the rouge on the face the awkwardness that gives Annam.

“It doesn’t matter, it is a simple party only. Have a few friends and partner just. Have a few friends and partner just..

“Good, I am willing to accompany you. ” the hand that the handle gently of Annam holds the seat of a monarchical government removing north gently is pointed.

This is a very high-grade restaurant, grandiose richly there is nocturnal inner tube to wear all the time outside the gate the person of sunglasses, look even if day and night the dog young team of travel at double speed, they expect to can explode tonight recreation encircles news at any cost endure the hardships of an arduous journey. Boreal the court of a feudal ruler is pulling Annam, from slant the door walks into old hall interior, follow in-house personnel from slant the transparent elevator of the door arrives directly at fiftieth building. In elevator, besides the awkwardness of two old friend, still have that gorgeous all the more night scene outside transparent glass.

“Annam, you put the hand, I wait for next getting to wear you go out. I wait for next getting to wear you go out..

Look up, just with respect to such double eyes to the other side, also knowing in Annam heart is what feeling. Tonight, see makeup look of Qing Beiting bravely in the round for the first time, ferial li of dense bang be combed by fixature after the head, showed for nothing high forehead, the skin of cheek shines euqally still in vain, eyelid resembling was to convert brunet eye film, appear the eye is more abstruse, the lip is like much without Tu Tai lipstick, still maintaining former fully red.

“Haw, good. Good..

such, two people from change 50 buildings to elevator to inspecting a line of sight be about to the gate of open.

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