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Long wild dress up meticulously eventually, because of the heart in bashful, can walk out of closet according to recumbent Annam only, she is low head, read aloud all the time however in the mouth broken.

“Annam, is he in around? Annam, I can not good-looking? Annam, i, good be afraid of ah… “

“Do not be afraid of do not be afraid of, he is absent around, you are the most beautiful tonight, irrespective, put relaxed ah… “

Boreal the court of a feudal ruler is seeking the form of Annam all the time, happen however dash against north hopes to mix 1000 they.

“Elder brother, how you don’t call me this? Kill my person, not bad I played 1000 eldest brother, ha. ” north hopes to pat the shoulder that pats north to hope.

“You are guessed, I also pulled an individual. ” uncannily of boreal the court of a feudal ruler is laughing toward 1000.

“Do you pull Annam? She is in abroad when do not agree to go all the time of these grand circumstances, how to come today? Will also did not see her. ” 1000 are laughing to say, there are bit of hesitation and kink in the heart.

“It is to come, can take the door by long wild be pulled, I also am looking for her now. ” boreal the court of a feudal ruler says.

“Hey, which childe is this? How had not seen? Boreal the court of a feudal ruler is fast introduce. ” everybody is looked up and down up and down round 1000 this one stranger.

“The forehead, this is once the partner of my company, 1000 childe. ” boreal the court of a feudal ruler introduces.

“Hello, hello. Hello..

“Annam, they seem to be in, it is good that we hide at the back of group of this caboodle music, lying between a distance to look at them soundlessly so.

“Good. “Good..

1000 see be disgusted with the smile of everybody and polite formula, a way that looks at Annam looked Yu Guang, happen to sees Annam is carrying goblet quality goods to wear foreign wine.

Be like such dressing up for ages to still see Annam for the first time, long skirt dress and make up dressed up, when peace completely different.

He pushed a crowd directly, go toward her.

This one act by long wild saw, long wild bashful land had turned first, annam also does not know her how, it is good to know to be being drunk only drunk foreign wine.

“South, you also came. ” the eyes that tender feelings is like water looks at Annam, annam by suddenly one Jing is at a loss a bit. She realizes immediately on the side long wild, “Long wild, long wild! Long wild!!

“1000, hi, very artful. ” long wild awkward land does not know to say what is good.

“Hello. ” 1000 eyes still is looking at Annam all the time.

“1000 elder brothers, you chat first, I want to go closet. ” Annam left awkwardly, face closet direction goes, steal in the heart steal be fond of oneself.

1000 are felt a bit do not wear brains, is Annam dry should hide he? , she knows me that evening. . . . .

One bashful raid the upper part of the body to come.

See 1000 boreal the seat of a monarchical government that before walking up, go, also look toward his that direction, annam!

Annam laugh is being worn, suddenly arm by person nab, pull her in the corner that does not have a person. As it happens is strange which bastard strength is so great, lane was fond of her, who knows to look up discovery is, boreal the court of a feudal ruler!

“Find you eventually, do you run which? ” boreal the court of a feudal ruler leans Annam is very nearly. Flavour of unintelligible ground wine let boreal the court of a feudal ruler feel, “Do you drink? You malty how to do? ” the room that remembers 1000 left her that evening, discover she is drunk breathe out breathe out the setting that resembles been kiss, boreal the court of a feudal ruler is afraid be no good, acetic meaning begins to be raided to Annam.

“Alas, I drank little only just, not malty! ” Annam is looked at rely on oneself so close north the court of a feudal ruler, say in a low voice beside his ear.

Boreal the court of a feudal ruler opened the smile of a warm heart toward her Lie, next, two people look at the other side silently, resembling was to pass for ages. “Annam, can I kiss you? ” say by the side of the earlobe that he is sticking Annam softly. Annam eye blinks surprizingly eyeball, subsequently, the boreal the seat of a monarchical government that closes a key point sideways first toward her closer ground relied on to go.

Her lip is kissed by his embellish became wet, resembling is like was being touched, the lip of Annam begins to react a bit, slightly, slightly as vibratile.

In the corner that does not have a person, two people are being kissed silently, this one act, two people thought very long.

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