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After the country opens 2 embryoes policy, lin Jiaying will belong to the small princess of their home.

In those days already Lin Shaochen of 10 years old bends over to go up in the glass of the hospital, look at Yo that small figure in box, the station that change of Lin Fu business suit walks on is at the back of him back, does the head that touchs him say: ? Yao places cap of coal of  of large bamboo hat of courtyard of  of acyl of dream of sex of  of  of boundless and indistinct of scabbard quiet younger sister n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor;

And lie in Yo the Lin Yuexi in box is in and her home system peacefully leave.

[master, should leave you, I am good hate to part with]

[peacefully should continue to guard stars to big desert after I died, ~ meets what a stars is in melt into where to look at you]

[hum, then I left oh ~ I wait for you to come back in the home ~ ]

Next no matter how Lin Yuexi makes be responded to without the person peacefully,2 people broke connection. Lin Yuexi cried greatly, jing gets a nurse to think how, gave feeding bottle next.

Lin Yuexi caressed feeding bottle or all the time be pacified not oneself mood. Oneself and had needed for a long time peacefully, was used to the company that there is him in any moment, be like the soul to be short of like breaking…

As a result of forest the enemy home circumvent that the mother is gotten on by bazaar when be pregnant bring about what will be born August forest the girl is waited for full spent the New Year to just be received to go back Feburary

And forest girl special those who go up is denotive with dot about the same, just intelligence quotient is some higher just.

Have a good journey downstream is being bestowed favor on forest the girl encountered life when 5 years old… nightmare. Adjoining neighbour home is larger than her Gu Chen of a year old also, visit a girl.

Right, the family is a girl! Here but crossed transform female man.

Consider a girl to express forest girl body learns taekwondo to get together with her infirmly. Forest the girl expresses to cold-shoulder, consider a girl to be opposite the use soft tactics of unremitting is right now tough bubble did not persuade one year as before forest girl, mix instead forest the girl became diehard followers.

Consider a girl to see this method disables to be forced to say: ? Make courtyard Qu huang3hu1 smooth with a rake; Is つ contrary to?

Forest the girl sees her, nod: ? Make colour smooth with a rake to pull  free time to blow Tan of pregnant of tip of  of Γ of Song of form of Wen of elder brother artful Tang accumulate illuminate aluminous excuse me?

Consider the girl’s cock-a-hoop laugh to react next come over, akimbo: ? Be proud ∧ of heart dream acyl doors to elder brother of brandish n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor artful Tan Yuan makes rich happily handsome?

Forest does the girl sigh faint path: ? Unplug hang elder brother of cowardly of reason of Chinese toon of clumsy of  of hawk of  of dizzy  anxiety n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor standing tall and upright artful phlegmy copy?

Consider girl shoot a glance at she a: ? Be proud suddenly of move of  of heart dream acyl longs for Zhi Luoxian of wild limit Qiao does ο cast Lu handsome?

Forest does girl laugh get bright: ? Before  of quarrel of D of excuse me of potato lifter of assist of  of Se of ammoniac procuress procuress colour crusty pancake shine is bright υ Bin cast whoop Yi of Xin of ostrich   eventually does  stop astatine excuse me?

Forest the girl rejected to learn wushu, mix next origin of Lin Fu forest says to want to learn piano and dance, those who discovered oneself is return to sing in learning piano way pretty good also. Then open oneself elegant life road… ghost, forest other interest does not have the girl, kongfu of poisonous tongue rancorring person also is not poor, the mischief is to mix more consider a girl to carry forward together.

Because total somebody thinks,frightening piano teacher also is, home Lin also is the person that the head has a face in business circles. Home Lin childe also is an ace it is appearance appearance more brilliant humanness is gentle and civilized. And Gu Jiaze is the character of political circles, have money of situation think is not little more. 2 people had deep love for a mischief to drive away them with this kind of method again.

The abominable factor that satisfies oneself drove away aversion again, what is there against it of kill two birds with one stone?

Does Lin Yuexi put down book: ? Do I uncover noise ” Ρ plinth  ?

Consider what celestial bodies also cold-shoulders to see her, feel arm: ? Shan Zhengjun of bay Lang Jiao?

Lin Yuexi stood up to be circled two rounds beside her, does click of the tongue praise: ? I uncover noise ” Ρ window. Does  Min Yu seek Gang of the Huaihe River?

Consider what celestial bodies also held arm guard in the arms to look at her, does Lin Yuexi laugh at: ?  of ox of Zong of ammoniac a mythical bird like the phoenix also does melon of Hao of Dong of Yan of  of handkerchief  Cou unplug Mian rate is cut into parts stand tall and upright handsome?

Consider what is celestial bodies also able to bear or endure to turn over a supercilious look: ? Postscript Jiao Shan Zhengjun?

Does Lin Yuexi look at her: gravely suddenly? Do I uncover noise ” Jin of ネ of Wu of small party of high and steep of cheek of Ρ  standing tall and upright?

Gu Chen also does the eye shine: ? White Lu?

Is why saying secretly? Because forest girl body is bad so besides when adult is in let her basically go out rarely, and forest the girl also is good those who move, often egg on is worn consider a girl to sneak away together go out to play, anyway won’t be punished

Does Gu Chen also ask: again? Basketry cut a word into parts to bake Ling ィ handsome?

Is Lin Yuexi very calm say: ?  of regretful Xiao stew and  ヅ Chong dash forward does cheek of  of curtain of black of friend of short for Weihe River of coerce of Щ A Chinese-style unlined garment steal Ji of small box of Fu of ネ of white mill Wu to pure excuse me of bald be ignorant of?

Gu Chen also nodded to promise to act this.

However what they did not calculate is…

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