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Ground floor — a perfect pair.

Regular: ? Jian of ≡ of the cellar that believe  accumulate does flying  of cochlea of encompass of  of low pull of O of Zhen of corrode of litter of crab of Yu remnant  raised paths between fields does the bad ⑿ that scoop up Liao enter bursa of instrument of Jin of ≡ of cellar of  of  of Guo of firm serve of  of Wu of J steep  washing with watercolors does crab of an ancient wind instrument of delay of  of Ju kite blessing make ancient wine vessel Se?

The first problem: “Is meeting for the first time to be in which setting? “Is meeting for the first time to be in which setting??

Yu Qiao light answer: “Brother is homocentric faction. “Brother is homocentric faction..

“Congratulation your answer is right! “Congratulation your answer is right!!

The Chao Xi of Yu Qiao Sui complacent laugh, sunlight also respond to and say: “Look is what you write down quite clear? “Look is what you write down quite clear??

“This as reality medium appointment sees first, my you flatter me forgets! “Yu Qiao is smiling to reply.

Sunlight silent laugh to lower his head to look at a problem slightly.

“Cough cough… ” system human nature changes cough a few times to catch say… (the one big characteristic that this also is game, let him find everything new and fresh indeed. Because this is not the innovation that Yu Qiao thinks out, when thinking at the outset of course, also do not have, be of the with him group design after small Bai Zhi probably. )

The 2nd problem: “Marry when is that day initiate? “Marry when is that day initiate??

“Hold out Qiao Xin of simple ” Yu to thinking as expected, subsequently say: “In the evening 9:30. “In the evening 9:30..

“Congratulation your answer is right! The challenge is successful, whether does both sides continue excuse me answering question? Whether does both sides continue excuse me answering question??

Yu Qiao sees Xiang Lexi excitedly, what continue to reply all over the face is actuation, she of a be clear at a glance shake shake one’s head. Yu Qiao is full of interrogative to give up a bit the thought that continues to reply, curious nevertheless cause trouble lets him ask then: “What problem be? “(system already screen. )

Yu Qiao sees record drop. Begin to challenge below one. (there can be restriction in the communication in spoony tower, everything is met with what the problem concerns screen, permit player speech, because do not consider overmuch limitation,that is the communication between sweethearts player. )

The 2nd — the heart has Ling Xi to was connected.

Regular: ? ⒘ of childish of any of several hot spice plants of Shun Song  falls wash of outskirt of  of  of ü of stand upright  is embraced be troubled by dare woman of? of ㄗ of # of Qu of  of an ancient type of spoon of full of  Li Gou can hint 5 minutes every only, and the man is not restricted, what everything and problem concern is uniform do not show and computation is in the frequency. )

Thrill through of a camera lens, yu Qiao appears in phoenix hill to guide path child beside, that is sunlight school seat. A classical background music rings at the same time, assentationing his come on stage.

Subsequently clew plays piece: “I am in the place that has been to together before. “I am in the place that has been to together before..

“Had gone together? “His heart is thinking. Very general clew, the place that has gone together is much, besides a few lofty setting had not gone, have ten at least like what had gone together before, should search one by one?

“You are really funny! “The return that Yu Qiao fills doubt sunlights 3 words were not in what to say, because he knows a regulation,be 5 minutes can say only.

Tell the truth, he does not know the system can convey her to what ghost place, “Either be the school in me eventually south hill? “He amuses compared heart to think.

A bit in the heart does not have any main threads of an affair, he does not believe to love to still have so large capacity, need not can find according to clew, subsequently he looks at the word of those high-sounding that write in systematic introduction, want to laugh a little more. This is love after was being exaggerated false.

Subsequently the system has clew to play again piece: “Be I did not say clear, tall! Marry namely the place that you look for me that evening. Marry namely the place that you look for me that evening..

“Without, what you say is very clear, I one see you are to be in to be called ” ask Xiu Xian ” play in game. “Yu Qiao jokingly.

Yu Qiao Xin knows abdomen bright continuity is saying: “Say really, old couple, what still hiding between your utterance! “… also cannot saying a word because of her, he ability is so wanton wear jokingly.

And the reminder that she sends, although also did not say where to be, dan Yuqiao resembles bright mirror in the heart like, already secretly certainly, and a bit is not put on the heart, be just as hundred correct and same…

“You are waiting for me in the doorway with respect to the station, not be afraid of! Very fast. “Final Yu Qiao says, sail to 100 beautiful cereal amain. (did not forget the family has calabash. Also calculate on drove. )

In the marrow that asks Xiu Xianli’s course the map absorbs him already, can say to distributing to be written down thoroughly than national province. From phoenix hill – 100 flowers of – of island of celestial being of a fabled abode of immortals of – of fishing village of the East China Sea of – of 10 lis of slope cereal… he advances amain so according to the exact course in the heart search wife in!

Arrive by boat when Yu Qiao Zheng when island of celestial being of a fabled abode of immortals, again clew plays piece: “You are bad! “You are bad!!

“Hey hey… he laughs at ” slightly, continue to wear.

Arrived when him after destination, saw the sunlight that sits on stone very quickly. Yu tall recall sits rode past say: “Be to let you waiting in the doorway? “Be to let you waiting in the doorway??

“Did then I agree? “He Yuanxi is light response path.

“The forehead… ” Yu Qiao Youxin is thinking: “Be like! “Be like!!

“This place is really beautiful! “He Yuanxi continues say.

“Hum, do not know a madam to still have why to sigh with emotion? Do not know a madam to still have why to sigh with emotion??

“If here is OK good when a haven of peace that makes us! “If here is OK good when a haven of peace that makes us!!

“It is good that then I buy it buy it. “It is good that then I buy it buy it..

“Ah! The where in game has this kind of option. The where in game has this kind of option..

“That lets Xiaobai it is not good that that big stylist goes into action! “That lets Xiaobai it is not good that that big stylist goes into action!!

“That other people still is done do not make game! “That other people still is done do not make game!!

“Also need not be done, anyway this game is not me, informal. Informal..

“If it did not leave now, then we are about to shift to an earlier date… “

He Yuanxi says to look to Yu Qiao, sending out in the eyes light sadness, if have in game,embrace this option, then he must give her a warm hug right now.

And besides think of these, say really, he does not know how to should answer her really, face fictitious game, face her more fictitious, to an acceptance? … a bit funny. To an oath? … too funny, more not suit is actual.

Although do not know how to should reply, dan Yuqiao knows she is not sad however, plaint however what game lives is brief. This kind of idea is having 100 percent affirmation to not have in his heart by accident, but knowing is the correctness that what affirmed his idea, if have, he thinks can be love only!

Also probably this is him himself only inner feeling, just force so she also is this kind of idea…

Yu Qiao did not reply from beginning to end, this is the current situation after he ponders repeatedly. Because he never also knows how to should end later, more after knowing how to be faced parting her when. Sigh with emotion so right now probably some are vogue early, leave after all ahead of schedule of come to an agreement or understanding still have about the same a month, although they do not have present come to an agreement or understanding,pass…

But Yu Qiao Gengzhi this total meeting that come should come, should face want to face from beginning to end, formidable manhood, can you avoid?

Everything in game is true too too good, good not suit is actual, of course this is not reality originally, better let too much and too much person make an appointment in reality…

But… true in that way!

Yu Qiao and sunlight each other idea, from begin now, even if have had thought, curiosity passes, but never exceed goes straight towards showing wide gap too, although it is so easy,jump over…

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