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Annulus wears Li Ya Xi Xiaoyou turned circuit, arrogant and complacent the face that distained expression covers her, mawkish.

“Ah, I today is to tell you, of be sensible signed divorce agreement to leave here rapidly, otherwise I can let you lose everything, no less than going to is waited for in Z country; If you think protracted time obtains the love of bless day you with respect to give up the idea forever, what love because of bless day is me, if your obstinately stick to a wrong course, today’s thing also is appetizing cole only, I can have more method to let you carry before bless day do not start, after all bless day letter must be me is not you “

Banquet dawn leisurely is cold, did not have a wave motion because of Li Ya’s word it seems that. See Li Ya says, she looks up sneer.

“Say? Can you leave? Can you leave??

Li Ya one anger, expression becomes ferocious.

“Your what meaning? “Your what meaning??

Xi Xiaoyou sneers, from Li Ya beside brush a body and pass, sit leisurely on sofa chair, she knows she has pregnancy now, do what thing all the more careful.

“Ah, I and your never mind are good say, time browbeats here I, go persuading the heart of bless day to stay as floriferous time, still say you are afraid that you are defeated by me? Still say you are afraid that you are defeated by me??

Li Ya fury is risked continuously, but very fast she packed up fury, the say that smile a thin smile.

“Hum, since your submit to somebody’s pressure after first turning down his request, that does not blame my you’re welcome, our wait and see “

Say to stepping high-heeled shoes face about to leave. Xi Xiaoyou is sitting feebly, bei is however in the heart cool. Actually Li Ya need not come here what to say, she also knows to be in heart of department bless day she forever Li Ya of be not a patch on, but she does not think,admit defeat before others.

She is stroking belly, eye ground float reveals fatherly smile.

“The child, your father does not like mom, you tell mom how to should do “

After its know its had pregnancy really, she has some of idea to begin a change. Since manage bless day is loving Li Ya, no matter Li Ya is what kind of person, she should bless them, look at their conjugal love to overtax one’s nerves with its, be inferior to leaving to put his freedom at this point.

For all that is thinking, but think of to want to leave Si Youtian, what her heart does not restrain is painful.

Close a key point, a tear slips below, fall disappear between hair.

… …

At night, si Youtian leaves a company, opening a car to come home, discover the place that he opened to live with Xi Xiaoyou originally actually however when he answers a god however, his expression is a little complex, look at through car window inky residence, did not know her to had slept.

Abrupt, noise of mobile phone bell rises, interrupted his feeling, receive electrify sentence, li Yajiao’s soft voice low transmit.

“Bless day, did you come back? Did you come back??

“Hum, on the road “

Si Youtian looks at inky house say.

“That caution on the road, I wait for you in the home “

“Good “

Ring off, si Youtian saw for a long time again, opening a car to leave subsequently.

In inky hall, xi Xiaoyou is holding double leg in the arms to sit on sofa, it seems that the induction arrived what, rise hastily will to the balcony look, one person is not had for nothing outside.

Wear from the laugh of ridicule. The hand is stroking belly, expression Bei is cool.

“The child, mom misses your father very much, but he won’t come back again, later with respect to mother for company you are good… “

… …

Return the place that Li Ya stays in, open the door after going in, did not see Li Ya’s figure, transmit inside the bedroom underwater acoustic.

Si Youtian sits on the sofa of the hall, the hand is taking a book to look at, that is like the look that considers somewhat to appear his feeling was not at all on the book.

Abrupt, the faint scent after a bath is taking a sweet perfume smell to be transmitted, wrapping bath towel as Li Ya, bare double shoulder and double leg come to Si Youtian before, the hand puts away his book, pulling Si Youtian’s neck next, sit on his leg, there is namby-pamby smile on the face, softness does not have the chest of the day of bless of department of press close to of bone, light loiter is worn.

“Bless day, weather is not early, we go resting, good… “

Sweet the sound ray of be bored with is taking be puzzled of a fawn on, creating ambiguous atmosphere.

Hint given with the eyes of department bless day is heavy, hold the body that has Li Ya in the arms, come to a bedroom, put Li Ya on the bed, and his both hands is maintained in Li Ya both sides, of heavy look at her.

Annulus wears Li Ya Si Youtian’s neck, pull him close, serve oneself lip, canthus is hanging namby-pamby the awaken of spring.

Manage bless day just looks at her however, feeling has some of drift actually, he saw comely countenance is floating it seems that red, double eye lock, eyelash quivers gently, although passed 5 years,still meet shy woman.

He does not know why to can be engraved here remember Xi Xiaoyou, because Li Ya has move and Xi Xiaoyou 3 minutes,perhaps be of similar appearance reason.

See Si Youtian does not have a movement tardy, eye ground absentminded, in Li Ya heart cold cold, immediately is unexpectedly bath towel diffuse, show bright and clean and dazzing figure, bai Xi’s inviting skin is alluring.

Manage bless day is without interest however however, xi Xiaoyou is in brain the smiling face of comely calm. Light rise, cover with the quilt Li Ya’s body, say.

“Breakfast rests, I will take you to see my mother tomorrow “

Said to walk out of a room, closed the door. The hold tight of Li Ya gnash tightens a quilt, eye ground covers shade firm, complexion a ferocious.

Xi Xiaoyou, I won’t let off you.

… …

The following day, xi Xiaoyou goes on the street, there is the food that just bought in the hand, this wanting go back that cook, doing a last hurrah next, if the result still cannot be changed, then she decides to leave, depend on each other with the child later.

However, when going on the road, a car stops before her, then a Mo Baichen that wears white dishabille was taking light smile to issue a car to come to her before.

“Xiao You, I take you to see my parents, they think you very much “

Logy of banquet dawn leisurely looks at Mo Baichen, do not know his meaning, his mix blandly intimate those who make her ineffable is familiar, be like in one’s childhood elder brother of hundred celestial bodies is general.

See she does not have reaction, mo Baichen pulled her hand to get on a car, let a driver leave next come home.

“You… where should you take me to go? “You… where should you take me to go??

Mo Baichen laughs at her or be like in one’s childhood euqally confused, be pulled car, ability response comes.

“Go to my home, precious jade precious jade I had sent a person to receive “

Xiao You seeing feast still is stupefied one pair the about that be stupefied, mo Baichen holds her face, make fun of.

“It is who always follows in me to be become after one’s death in one’s childhood young join a regular shift or class, call me all the time ‘ elder brother of hundred celestial bodies ‘ , just forget me 15 years nevertheless? Just forget me 15 years nevertheless??

Eye of Xi Xiaoyou pop, it is in the heart those who do not restrain is glad, did not think of the elder brother of hundred celestial bodies that is her really, in one’s childhood besides family, not the 2nd home that the home resembles her, although they were taken away later, but she had not forgotten them all the time.

Resembling is to find a dear one general, xi Xiaoyou attacks suddenly to be conceived to Mo Baichen in, all the time the grievance since emerges mind, change tear of a drop to fall.

“Elder brother of hundred celestial bodies… “

Mo Baichen’s body is inflexible, because never had been been close to so with the woman, pretty appearance became red red, eye ground thrill through a tenderness, dabbing Xi Xiaoyou’s back.

Begin from, no matter she is sufferred from again again tired it is oneself are being assumed, cannot find a person to pour out, sometimes she also is met tired, but she can be buried in the heart only, accumulate the grievance that rise to flush at a draught bit by bit come out, because he is,be opposite only her best elder brother.

The driver sees this one act, pop eye, but when the line of sight that sees from viewfinder Mo Baichen is frozen, removed viewfinder instantly, dare not look again. Still astonishing in the heart nevertheless, who does not know Mohs president is a woman not close man.

Mohs, department family name and a surname family name regard Z country as 3 big companies, mohs and department family name are young president, it is the diamond Wang Laowu that great majority female longs for day and night, however, mohs president is the misogyny that gave a name, so everybody president of rearward suspicion Mohs is base fellow, the heart that but hurt,showed great majority woman at that time.

But overturned however at the moment the driver’s world outlook, this where is misogyny.

Had not known how long, ability reaction comes from Xi Xiaoyou too oneself now is not little girl any more, in leaving Mo Baichen to conceive hastily, brush tear awkwardly.

“Right… I am sorry, i… I forgot to go temporarily… “

Mo Baichen’s tender laugh.

“Do not have a thing, later what thing can say with me, do not want hold back to be in the heart “

Mo Baichen’s tenderness is warm Xi Xiaoyou the heart of iciness of a few recently.

“Not father and not is mom not bad? “Not father and not is mom not bad??

Wanting to always laughing to call her little girl in one’s childhood not father is mixed always is to give her delicious not mom, she is very excited, of too impatient to wait want to see them quickly.

“Hum, they are very good “

In one’s childhood since after be informed traffic accident of Xi Xiaoyou’s parents to die, their home begins to seek the information of Xi Xiaoyou and Xi Yao, but they searched very long the message that does not have them. After thinking of 15 years they actually of such coincidence encountered, this also is the regret that makes up for them.

The car stops before the house entrance door in a broad beauty, the residence is taking an antediluvian temperament, little bridge running water, booth stage attic, have the illusion of kind of place oneself ancient time.

Left a car, mo Baichen was taking Xi Xiaoyou to go the hall, all be beautiful scenery all the way, see be attentive design come out.

Arrived the hall, the middleaged woman that takes on sofa chair and middleaged man are excited stood, greeted to Xi Xiaoyou next, the about of old tear freely.

And the Xi Yao that still standing to squirm aside, after all Xi Yao is small still before, do not write down Mo Jiaye is normally.

“Girl is senior so big, it is to grow more good-looking more really, these year had a rough time “

Middleaged man, mo Yi face is bringing gratified smile, eye ground is do not mask be very fond of. Middleaged woman, yi Lin was to pull Xi Xiaoyou’s hand to go sit down by sofa, look at Xi Xiaoyou fatherlily, thinking these year she a person takes care of Xi Yao even, affirmation is not easy, thinking them to suffer so old pain, cannot help in the heart sad rise, after all, the close girl that she is like them when Xi Xiaoyou all the time is general.

“The child, you had a rough time “

Xi Xiaoyou experiences long-unseen close condition, also be excited in the heart unceasingly.

“Not father, not mom, see you are such still be good at bright, I am very happy also, I think not to see you forever “

Thrill through of Mo Yi eye ground an ashamed remorses, think of in those days except they busy the business, did not pay close attention to the state of banquet home in time, unapt also hurry to after be informed a message later, do not seek the form of Xi Xiaoyou and Xi Yao however, these year he all the time very ashamed remorses, very self-condemned, fail to find the daughter of own old friend, make their driftage outer do not know life and death.

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