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I climb from the bed, sensory head is a bit dizzy still. My feeling seemed to sleep for ages, made a very long dream. Confused in faint write down so that mom is taking care of me aside all the time, seemed to still have been to a hospital? I how? I gave a door, step down a building, mom as it happens goes from the kitchen.

“Mom? ” I cried softly.

“Supple, awake? How to feel? ” mom sees me, move toward me rapidly, ask nervously. The frontier says the edge stretchs his hand put on my forehead. I am a little unconscious, shake shake one’s head answer: “Do not have a thing, what job to produce? What job to produce??

Mom is knitting brows to look at me, loosened at a heat: “Did not burn. After you came back that day, successive high fever is not retreated, what job to produce after all that day? Are you to work overtime? Why to do get this pair of about to come back? Why to do get this pair of about to come back??

That day? I think. Oh, yes, went that day storehouse. . .

I am only to mom forced smile: “It is a long story. ” I do not wish to consider the issue that day again. Actually after the event thinks now, still held out adventruous really that day. See mom the about that one face worries about for me, feel warm to warm in the heart.

“Still have, which does your car me do? Which does your car me do??

I was stupefied, just sleep lightly truly at this moment. Was opposite, my bag and small red car still are over there! I slowly turn the head looks to mom giggle: “Ah. . . ..

“Still laugh? Give my car lost, return have the nerve to laugh here? ” the reaction that did not think of me irritated mom, raise a hand to want to hit me.

I see shape hurries tearful eyes looks at mom tearfully to beg for leniency: “Mom ~ I just heal at the beginning of firm a serious illness ~ “

“Take you to do not have method really. ” mom still cannot leave a hand finally.

I am holding mom in the arms to act like a spoiled child rapidly: “The mother Yours Excellency, you with respect to disappear calm one’s anger I help ~ immediately you give your car do. You with respect to disappear calm one’s anger I help ~ immediately you give your car do..

Mom is laughing to tap the head that taps me, next say: “Was opposite, how can you have the man’s jacket? What did you do after all that day? Was swung? Was swung??

I listened to throw a hand furiously: “Mom! Do you think of which go? I said, I am to work overtime, not be appointment, also not be to be swung to the person. Is coat in? I still must be returned the someone goes. I still must be returned the someone goes..

“Is that prospective husband? “Is that prospective husband??

“Mom. . . Either. . . You how is all day long thinking this? The family is to help me kindly only, our what relation is done not have. ” I am cast aside clear rapidly, meet next otherwise perpetual.

Mom listened to look at me with distrustful eye: “Do not have method, who calls you to be able to work only all the day, very long did not see you go dating, let me begin to suspect you want to give family belongs nun. Be to be swung really? Be to be swung really??

. . .

I am not had unexpectedly language.

“Was opposite, where is pa? ” I try to shift a topic.

“Did you forget? Go visitting your grandma. Go visitting your grandma..

“Grandma? Today week a few! ? ” my this ability realizes incorrect interest. Every Sunday can go to father visit a grandma, this won’t. . .

“Sunday. ” mom replies disapprovingly, a bit did not feel where is incorrect.

“Star. . . Sunday? ! ” on Wednesday is before I remember me sleeping, how does shut-eye awake with respect to Sunday? This. . . Be is fokelore medium pass through? My day, my ground ah ~ did god-given holiday end so? such? Don’t have? I feel whole to the day collapsed quickly. . .

such, I expected long already holiday to end in my confused sleep, those who greet is the job of day after day.

“Icing ~ good morning! ” Sai Ting comes to a company to open a person’s mind and me to accost early in the morning.

I look up look to her, answer downheartedly: “Early. “Early..

Sai Ting sees I react, sat in her seat rapidly, indissoluble the ground asks: “Icing, how? The first day goes to work, one big early downhearted. Was opposite, hit your phone to also be not received these days, news in brief also is not answered, what job to produce? ” I looked at Sai Ting to mouth sigh heavily, told her ground of its in full detail.

“OK, icing. Colourful encounter. ” after Sai Ting listened to make the origin and development of a thing, the first saying word is this unexpectedly.

I one face cannot believe ground looks at Sai Ting: “This is not a key, the key is. . . ” the word has not said, be interrupted by Sai Ting: “This is a key! Mr Zhou Nuo, do not separate a few markets namely the high level of that shell company, the eyesore of our company. The gold bachelor that infatuation of how many person dreams, did not think of to let you be worn to capture. Did not think of to let you be worn to capture..

I cast aside clear rapidly: “Whats are done not have between us, it is he has helped me kindly only, never mention it so that be like us to have amour. Lin Saiting, do not follow my Mom same, as long as be male cover toward my body. As long as be male cover toward my body..

Sai Ting looks at me with mistrustful eyes, collect asks at the moment to me: “Don’t have really? “Don’t have really??

I push her, cast aside clear to the utmost: “Without! “Without!!

“Good, you say what is. Want to see the look that Wang Juan was disregarded by Mr Zhou Nuo in the evening that day really nevertheless. Smooth imagination feels good feel well, if have good fortune can saw with one’s own eyes is witnessed, that should have much satisfy a craving ah ~ ” Sai Ting lets go say.

I listened to catching her rapidly, looked all around: “Nod in a low voice. “Nod in a low voice..

Did not see Wang Juan fortunately, otherwise miserable. Sai Ting also realizes he says too aloud, nervous face about looks, just loosened at a heat: “Frighten me dead. . . ..

One face about asks Sai Ting again: “Is your thing resumptive will do not have? “Is your thing resumptive will do not have??

I shake shake one’s head: “Still do not have. Nevertheless just already contact Lin Shu, when waiting for next noon breaks, be taken. When waiting for next noon breaks, be taken..

“That is good. . . ” Sai Ting nods assentation. At this moment, wang Juan went. We are frightened so that pretend to work rapidly, like seeming to did what deficient worry to be being reachcaptured.

‘ bang! ‘ by the position that Wang Juan goes to me, lost book of a layout to be on my desk, my say of strabismus cold Yao : “You are receiving this layout book, some later help me be given in. ” say to go. I turn a back that saw Wang Juan, next a pick up of cautiously that layout book. It seems that Wang Juan still is in be opposite for the thing that day my feel discontented.

I browsed probably, although I did not share this long table, not be very clear case, but always feel where is not right. How is arriving hard I think? I hesitated, should run this other people’s business after all? But I am not quite actually affirmatory also, it is the feeling seems to have a problem only. Wang Juan still is in again now in a fit of anger, went can getting a scolding certainly. . . I shake shake one’s head want to toss this idea, absorption the job on my hand is.

But just begin to do not have 5 minutes, I couldn’t help looking at that layout book, still be a bit compunctious in the heart. I sighed at a heat, without giving thought to! I take layout book to rise the position that moves toward Wang Juan.

“Wang Juan. . . I just looked. . . This price data seems to have bit of problem, should you want reexamination? ” I am saying cautiously, be afraid of greatly alarmed not carefully her

Wang Juan listened glare to me: “You is now to saying my err? ” mood is exceeding inimical.

Request ah eldest sister, I am to remind you kindly, does need have hostility so? “Either. . . I am to say a possibility where don’t you take care clerical error. . . ” the word says an in part, wang Juan with respect to bate: “Enough, I call you to help me be given in, you are done to me. When be turn for you to teach me? Gibberish so so much? Gibberish so so much??

Look, was scolded. Said not to wade this muddy water, you slant not to listen. Now family not only not feel grateful, still for nothing was taught a lesson. Anyway I also gave advice, she does not listen, I am helpless also, such. I am low head, light tone answers: “I am sorry, I am handed in now. ” say me to escape immediately the spot, give layout book handed in go up. Should come, let it come. Perhaps be I thought more really.

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