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I was worn to Jing by a word of Yun Feng arise suddenly, suddenly me from adored lira to answer reality, feel some are guilty suddenly.

“It doesn’t matter. Talking about you. ” special naturally receives Jun Nuo went up word.

“Talk about me? Be to saying me why can can so handsome, maturity do what again? ” Yun Feng the appearance that one face feels extremely flattered, very coxcombically for fun. My hollow laugh is worn see Xiang Yunfeng, 3 black lines appear on the head, do not know how to should be received really go down.

“Either. Speaking ill of you. ” Jun Nuo’s word, the appearance that an one face turns to be stupefied on my horse looks at him. Do not take you of such circumvent! The side of come to an agreement or understanding my?

Ke Yunfeng however the appearance that one face pays no attention to continues say: “My so ideal person, how malicious remarks can say? You are fastened bashful. Come, say with the elder brother, praised my what? ” say, stretch his hand the shoulder that put up Jun Nuo, cast a leer to me.

Jun Nuo leans forth, held off Yun Feng’s line of sight, say: “Have? I knew you so long, how to see? ” they you my one language ground wears one word spicily each other, I saw can’t help the ground laughed, the impact that sees them is how be close friends.

“Because your eye is blind! Calculated, shine at the same time go, I search supple ask. ” Yun Feng says to push Jun Nuo, using a pair of expectant eyes to look at me to say: “Supple, you say, in the eye of your schoolgirl, can I attract the advantage of your schoolgirl really? Can I attract the advantage of your schoolgirl really??

The opportunity of applepolish came! I hurry say: “How be met? Your advantage but much! Your advantage but much!!

“For instance? ” Yun Feng two shine look at me, waiting for my answer. With respect to Lian Jun Nuo also looks to me.

“For instance. . . ” my close lightly is worn the mouth, in the reflection of one face anguish. Cloud peak still is the look atting that one face expects me, waiting for my answer.

“For instance. . . ” I again say, but still did not give him answer.

“Good, I knew, I do not have an advantage. ” loll of ground of one face disappointment comes to Yun Feng, the about with that pitiful clear resembles extremely err thing is in the doggie that acts like a spoiled child to host.

I laugh rapidly: “Joke with you. For instance. . . You are very amiable! You are very amiable!!

Yun Feng not feel grateful, low still head is saying depressedly: “You are to saying I am very ordinary, easy contact. ” this word. . . OK still so understand? I also am drunk.

Yun Feng continues to consider oneself saying oneself: “Nuo resembling A such, too perfect, let you feel to be close to hard so! ” say to pointing to me. This word. . . Seem to have bit of reason. . . I nod not self-consciously assist is fellow.

Nuo saw gentleman begin some to feel embarrassed, pull a Yun Feng to cover rapidly his mouth, look to say to me: “Feel embarrassed, he is drunk much. He is drunk much..

Yun Feng has some of accurate ground to throw Jun Nuo’s hand, pointing to Jun Nuo to cry greatly: “I just am done not have drunk! You ability is drunk! ” ah, this word listens, proved with respect to enough Yun Feng is drunk really. Mr Zhou Nuo rectifies late drop wine to be not touched, be to want how drunk law? I looked all around, everybody is drunk 7788.

Jun Nuo stands up to everybody say: “Already late, everybody comes home. ” say, curved private parts comes and I in a low voice say: “Help me look at Yun Feng, I go settle accounts, send you to come home together next. Send you to come home together next..

I was stupefied, do not know how to should react temporarily gift is nice, subliminal clever ground nods. Etc, he should send me to come home! ? My day, the car that makes an employer comes home. Response of my this ability comes, but he already went far.

Jun Nuo went writtening guarantee to us Zhang, the everybody that return a side called heart person, decided everybody went up De Shicai face about says to me: “Go. Help me help the car on him. ” I was remained only here, yun Feng and Jun Nuo. We two left supporting sb with hand rightly drunk Yun Feng went to a parking lot. Jun Nuo loses Yun Feng in backlash, my naturally sat on deputy driver’s seat.

I sit a little constrainedly on deputy driver’s seat, end up body, not dare fribble. Be afraid that I can disturb him to drive easily greatly. I how, not be first time, how is the meeting so tense? Feel control sweats, the heartbeat is in jumping wildly pit-a-pat pit-a-pat.

“I remand Yun Feng first, send you again. ” a word of Jun Nuo arise suddenly lets me one Jing, turn suddenly the head looks to him. See he or orthoptic ahead only, what did not discover me is peculiar.

I look at him to resemble a cute child kind nod: “Hum, bothered. Bothered..

It is one Duan Chen silent next, everything is very quiet. Yun Feng was asleep in backlash. I am hoping side face of Jun Nuo is bemused, look at a his side face with flickering street lamp to enlighten. I feel suddenly very quiet, very natural. Feel to sit in me on his deputy driver’s seat at the moment uneasy or nervous no longer, like be like the thing that this is a special nature.

“Arrived. ” Jun Nuo grave sound pullback me to reality to come. I smoked a line of sight to look rapidly all around just discover the car did not know when to had stopped. I one Jing, I see him so that take a look actually! He. . . Won’t discover I am seeing him? My on the sly took aim he is one, he still is looking at ahead, not peculiar. He. . . What thinking after all? It is a manage letting a person really not clear, feel a person that does not show.

“Get off, help me do Yun Feng. ” at this moment, he has turned suddenly the head will look at my say. That is flashy frighten so that I turn rapidly the head looks at a window outside, the face is affixed quickly. One whole in the evening one Jing one suddenly, feel ability and Jun Nuo stayed to reduce an in part with respect to the life me night. As expected, like Jun Nuo this is planted highest grade, not be me this kind of civilian suffers those who rise. Blood is too thin, be unable to stand ah ~

Jun Nuo saw my reaction chuckle, open door with respect to face about next. This. . . What meaning be? !

See he had walked along backlash to open the door to flapping only Yun Feng’s cheek, try to want to wake Yun Feng up: “Yun Feng. Yun Feng. Arrived home. Wake. ” I see record also flees rapidly get off, the back that stands to Jun Nuo is looked at sleep sweet Yun Feng.

Yun Feng throws Jun Nuo’s hand impatiently, the eye since narrow one’s eyes looks to we. Ah, woke!

Jun Nuo sees Yun Feng woke to stand straight body. Eyeball of have sth in mind of confused ground narrow one’s eyes climbs Yun Feng rise, see Jun Nuo, see me again. Abrupt Lie opens mouth cheap to laugh, pointing to us to: “Jun Nuo, supple ~ you black wind of two ~ night is tall, gu male few female, work ~ “

I listen, rectify individual instant petrifaction, of facial Shua red. He. . . He. . . What saying? ! Still do not have the appearance of sober up namely apparently. I took aim secretly the Jun Nuo beside. Jun Nuo looks at Yun Feng to laughing, the word that does not have a Yun Feng at all is put in the heart. I am me suddenly just what reaction feels clinking is humiliating, this also does not have prospect too ~ was not seen by him fortunately. . .

Jun Nuo stretchs his hand to pulled Yun Feng in the past a backlash, laugh answer: “Sending you come home. Ask you to cooperate rapidly so. Ask you to cooperate rapidly so..

Is this word like Jun Nuo little? Ask you to cooperate rapidly so, good let us be in alone?

. . .

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I am thinking ~ some of what ah ~ ~ ~ was over, was over, I how. . . It is everybody does not have a thing blind jeer, be done myself is out of order also.

I also do not have prospect too, everybody’s frivolous word, his movement, do me this pair of about, resemble an infantine that had not seen world. Young lady, you this year 24. How to return so via living? See family gentleman Nuo when so calm, is yourself bashful a what?

“Supple? ” Jun Nuo was helping Yun Feng up to take a few steps, discover I still syare blankly in place however later.

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