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Ji Zixun closely pressing Xia Liang, the waist did not stop all the time, seem to have exhaustless effort. Summerly cool station gets a leg one paroxysm is soft, ji Zixun chuckle, hold in the arms remove her to be put on the bed gently, xia Liang is already tired now washed-up, the eye of half narrow one’s eyes, look at Ji Zixun blurredly, the room did not open the lamp, but the window was not shut, every bits of bit moon goes secretly from the window come in, taking cool wind of a silk, blowing the sweat on Xia Liang body. Ji Zixun goes on Fu body, kissing her softness, xia Liang all over tremble, pushing him, “Very tired, I did not want… ” Ni Ma was done twice, how has not been this man satisfied! The key is, he unwearied? ? Every time so abiding! ! Did not open the lamp fortunately, need not say, she blushs certainly now than tomato even tomato.

“Good. ” say, ji Zixun rises, open the door go out, did Ji Zixun agree unexpectedly? Xia Liang loosened deeply tone, had done not have a little while, next she sees, the lamp of the sitting room closed, in darkness, a tall figure goes, close the door, go to the side of the window to close a window again, pull a curtain.

Xia Liang closes an eye, thought to end eventually formerly, firm dozy, some male overwhelm again unexpectedly on her body, a certain thing mental top is worn she. “Ji Zixun you! ” Xia Liang drowsiness is devoid, stretch one’s hand the man that is supporting a body to go up.

“Be to let you rest? Still have 4 times… ” say, ji Zixun is kissed again on her labial firm firm asks for the Gan Tian in her mouth, flounder arrives neck, clavicular, the hand also does not have at a loose end, the leg also was not put in disorder. “Just what you cry is a bit loud… so I closed a window… ” ” … … ” raise Xia Liang soft soft arm, be down a kiss all the way, the lip is down all the time along arm inside, the tongue makes a group all the time, xia Liang all over tremble, head cannot think, do not have effort antagonism, “Girl, how so sensitive… ” ” not… “

“Should strengthen take exercise… try one night 7 times next time… ” Ji Zixun advances, kiss her lip next, it is the motion of a carefree dripping wet. Xia Liang feels he resembles only is float in sea mile, there is a driftwood in the hand, billow of at one’s convenience hits him to the north austral the thing, she can closely hold this driftwood in arms. Had not known how long, when Ji Zixun is tired, to one’s heart’s content, just suspend this one campaign. Holding the go off of Xia Liang heavy in the arms.

— — the peak of the sea of clouds — —

Inside the hospital.

“Summerly boss, hello was nodded? ” a grandma that has many white hair knocks come in, sitting wheelchair, dress patient is taken, follow a family member after one’s death, there are flower and fruit in the hand, su Yuelan stands up, ” the grandma is you, oh, see me, come in first sit! ” family member laugh, did not sit.

“Well, thank, be such, I was to eat you after the food of cafeteria toxic person one of. ” the family member is pushing her, “Originally ah, summerly young lady, oh, namely your daughter, she ah, paid my medical expenses not only, listen to my daughter to say, she is excellent still this afternoon in visit, returned 1000 yuan next, also this evening just knows me, this not, also be to be in this hospital to live, now ability be free, look for you so, still give you money incidentally, this medical expenses is already enough, we but cannot want more. ” this is not the first patient will see him any more, this small ward is not a flower it is a fruit, xia Xinghui suddenly orbit one red, xia Liang this child, be do what by humanity and duty really!

” grandma, you must not return these money, the body that invites you is harmed, I already very compunctious, you fasten evade, your body is weak, need recuperates ability to go well. ” Xia Xinghui laugh, su Yuelan also starts to talk, “Be, grandma, you still must not come back money, it is good that flower and fruit stay. It is good that flower and fruit stay..

the flower that the grandma sees pile and fruit, laughed, “Look more than I get such pay, summerly boss, your daughter is really sensible filial, have you as expected such good person, have you that kind-hearted daughter ah. Have you that kind-hearted daughter ah..

” grandma, your josh, we should do this, what we still are afraid of compensation is insufficient, didn’t your body hinder greatly? ” Su Yuelan is laughing to say, “Be, we should do this, you do not need to return really that 1000. You do not need to return really that 1000..

“Others is persuaded by you I do not know, do not spend my this old woman, it is a stubbornness, compensation is already sufficient, this 1000 I must return you, otherwise I but restless. ” say, the family member is grasping both hands the envelope hands Su Yuelan, “Boss, proprietress, you close, my Mom can be the frequenter of cafeteria of summerly family name, we also calculate old acquaintance, you close! You close!!

Xia Xinghui and Su Yuelan are right inspect, full sensation, gave such job, everybody did not hit a person when he is down not only, right still they all sorts of understanding, and believe them, many people returned 1000 money come back, xia Xinghui receives today have 10 thousand. Still will have certainly tomorrow many, this issues him to longing to will go to G city rapidly tomorrow however.

“Thank you grandma, lunar haze, close. ” Su Yuelan is forced to close.

” good summerly boss, then we went, you rest well, do not worry, present child has ability than, your home Xia Liang, it is god-given filial and sensible child really. ” the furrow on the face of grandma laugh is extended at a draught.

” grandma, your children also is, it is good child. ” Xia Xinghui’s gratified laugh.

“It is it is, ah. . That summer boss, wish you recover at an early date, I this carline with respect to foregone. ” the daughter of the grandma also assentations, “Summerly boss good-bye. “Summerly boss good-bye..

” the grandma also wishs you are healthy, don’t go yet. Don’t go yet..

After sending a person, su Yuelan mouth sighed, fruit and flower put away, “Xing Hui, do you say the so much money that cool cool where comes to? This cafeteria has not sold go out, she says to lend a friend, can you say be child merit of that child? Can you say be child merit of that child??

“I think should be, and this morning when Ji Zixun comes, see Xia Liang react then, should not know Ji Zixun to go back to the motherland, and had not told him ability is right the thing, ji Zixun should be to go back to the motherland to cannot find her in G city, should be to ask with the fine or boreal Chen Fengcai knows. So this money perhaps is her boss really, said again, wind of boreal celestial bodies and Ji Zixun the sort of old boss, affirm understanding, still perhaps be a friend, not was the Ji Zixun that wind of boreal celestial bodies tells definitely, you also know Xia Liang this child, do not like make public, how is this thing in met does for no reason at all tell others? ” it is as expected mix bazaar ah, inferential ability unmanned can enemy! ! Xia Liang knows to want to admire dead for certain.

“Click of the tongue. . . He just should ask when Ji Zixun comes, otherwise does this meeting call ask? ” Xia Xinghui says to see Su Yuelan, su Yuelan also nods.

Xia Xinghui dials Xia Liang’s telephone, passed for ages, ji Zixun is received heard a telephone call, already deep breathing just hear a telephone call a few times, but Xia Xinghui still listens to come out his some asthma, after all very quiet now.

“Summerly uncle, cool cool she is too tired, do not have method to pick up the telephone. ” light tone, billows not Jing.

“Good, knew. ” Xia Xinghui’s shallow laugh is worn, he can be a n experienced person…

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