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Tang Xin is pulling tired out body to return the home, also be disinclined even the lamp, walk into closet directly, bathe inside 5 minutes, towel of a dry be scared was included on the head, pour a bed to go up with respect to go off, the last second before sleeping, pathos ground is thinking Tang Xin, such him life already passed 3 years, when to just end. . . . . .

The Tang Xin 3 years ago graduates from that this city best university, the talented woman that learns Chinese character literature just did the work with him major be totally unrelated: Public relations!

Tang Xin knows, this world definition to public relations. Public relations makes work have merchandise not merely, still have oneself fine-looking, young, love, the body. All guests are interested, public relations can sell. Oneself were on this road, be equal to the road of the life that cut off oneself to cross smooth and steady photograph husband godchild, oneself are done or be to did not do that thing with body easy other people without giving thought to, in the eye of others oneself had been done. Especially the Chu Qiao of oneself or public relations bound. Neither one man can be willing to marry a woman that became public relations, although somebody is willing to marry, also necessarily Tang Xin does not see that go up.

Before the university graduates, Tang Xin is the Wen Qing of a be worthy of the name, ceng He is being held in both hands all night like the schoolgirl of all literature courtyard ” red Lou Meng ” look at, plaint Bao Dai’s love, of sadness and black jade die early, complain Bao Yu is right of Bao Chai move affection. Ever also made many sense spring the poem of injury autumn, word. Tang Xin likes classic literature especially, word of the Song Dynasty of what Tang poetry is basic skill then, ” from coquettish ” , ” Chu Ci ” that is to be able to take off a mouth with respect to cook up a few, and picture ” university ” ” middle ” ” the analects of confucius ” more the back gets fluently. If someone goes article college asking about the talented woman of literary courtyard, those 10 people have nine person to say surely is Tang Xin, have this only the 10th, it is him person that that is asked about, reason, 4 words: Bookman photograph is light!

When Tang Xin remembers antediluvian literary history, the teacher that teachs ancient literary history ever had said, in the heart of bookman, the article that oneself write and oneself child is best, without what sensible, fair but character. Giving Tang Xin the teacher of ancient literary history on their class is this university, and even teacher of this city famousest ancient literary history, ever had gone up a of the CCTV at that time popular program: Estrade of a hunderd schools. This teacher attends class the style is extremely humorous and humor, intelligence quotient and affection quotient is extremely high. The first class, did not tell the least bit the knowledge about ancient literary history, it is the body home full name oneself, below 9 acting all introduced on. In the language contented of unpleasant attack by surprise, let a person be fed up with really however do not rise.

Cannot think of, the first talented woman can do the article college that gets seem white lotus flower chastely then at the outset finally a the layest job! That job that graduation of if it were not for produces that year, tang Xin these year still meet calm as arriving to pass smoothly euqally greatly as a child static. Want at the outset, oneself dream becomes a journalist namely, dare not write others, dare not visit others, had wanted to walk along battleground to become even a war correspondent, the neat waist long hair that him raise waves in boundless and indistinct Huang Sha, figure enchantings, face charming is beautiful, the eyes is firm and persistent however. Cast fine-looking, scatter hot tear! Regrettablly, regrettablly. . . . . . So, affairs of human life expects hard!

The following day in the morning, the day returns daybreak, time noise has alarm clock, tang Xin rings in alarm clock press alarm clock for a short while, this is since Tang Xin is old the habit of nurturance, to sleep more as far as possible, tang Xin always moves alarm clock blame get up cannot time. Tang Xin gets up deftly wash a face to brush one’s teeth. Go up first toilet, go up toilet while crowded good toothpaste, gargle while begin to wash a face, clear face while the tooth clear also clean.

The building that Tang Xin leases is very far from the company, went to work at 9 o’clock, six have to rise. Or have to be late. Tang Xin income is not low, can say to compare most person even a lot of taller, the gold that can be this city is gotten, can be oneself the most money that make is not used however on him body. What this job relies on public relations is eloquence, professional knowledge not merely, for the wife that does public relations to, fine-looking very much time is his edge tool, reasonable those who use oneself is fine-looking and OK allow him get twice the result with half the effort.

So Tang Xin besides that expenditure, other income majority are used at the dress, cosmetic. Tang Xin knows, these not only it is to dress up oneself beautifully, it is the one part that oneself work more. And this cost major fund, can mix in abode only eat above saved. So, tang Xin leases a building with leave the urban district very far cheap however. So, when Tang Xin rests, often oneself cook eat, already healthy be economical.

Tang Xin looks at a mirror medium oneself, eyebrow eye still delicate, the skin still considers water tender, but the black rim of the eye of at present lets Tang Xin know he has stayed up late continuously very long period of time, go down so again oneself often can be gotten certainly very fast. But do not have method, this law case that accepts recently is too troublesome, especially that obstinate and unruly, difficult the Lan Yu that serve, hard gold of person of all corners of the country is little. Appearance if name, grow prettily to be like jade. Humanness special also not let sb down that ” little ” word, act is crabbed, the place that follow a gender desire, wanton, weathy. Lan Yu got Zu Yin to running a financial group, but battling outer moustache eats domestic endowment all the day however,the sea is drunk, do-nothing.

This him law case had followed one year, be about to sign soon about, did not think of to be about to sign the pawn that make an appointment with to encounter this not to know the ancestor that is how many world in this. Also do not know this ancestor how be seized by a whim, demonstrate PPT to was examined that day in oneself by chance, result, say according to him himself, fall in love at first sight to the Tang Xin at that time, spread out all sorts of pestering to Tang Xin from now on.

But spadger changes,say this normally the favour of phoenix, but Tang Xin is not average person, she from small be brought up in harsh environment, understand the reason with thing easy other people, more knowing very well it what do not have is good to what do not have can fall from the day. Guo Tangxin of frenzied without the person pursuit is not previously, the Tang Xin at that time can regard as is a game, a paragraph what can experience joy is itinerary, the Tang Xin that can be now already not answer in those days. Tang Xin does not know this 2 worlds ancestor making what decision, but she knows however, this behavior of orchid hard gold brings a trouble to oneself, affected oneself income directly, tang Xin cannot allow this.

And Lan Yu goes after his thing to also be waited for by the meddlesome person of the company take delight in talking about, jealousy has, envy has, sneer at those who have, be in a company besides oneself exclusive good friend Mo Xiao, be afraid again also neither one person has a good word to oneself on this thing. This is a company, hold in both hands walk high low ” company ” .

Plaint without time, tang Xin changes professional suit to go out.

Tang Xin pace is very fast, very fast very much person was swung to be from the back by oneself, oneself can be to come out previously of the name can step on dead ant on foot, but since move here, tang Xin pace is faster and faster!

Do not have evening at long last, subway of Tang Xin stride. At that time the subway has what person hardly, ye Yuxin is the big Bao Fang on the shoulder on the leg, take out from the bag make up bag, begin prettify, draw eyebrow draws an eye. Tang Xin action is very quick, because itself eye is very big, the skin is very good also, made up only simply naked, this is suit Tang Xin most makeup, look already clean beautiful. Once went to a bank once, tang Xin of counterjumper highly praise grows image height is roundly.

Do public relations the woman of this group, often making up thick, perfume of gush most bottle goes seeing a client. Can be Tang Xin never such, because Tang Xin thinks, desire refus still receives gift can attract a man most. A woman stripped off the dress to lie on the bed accost man is far will get alluring person as body of fine gauze block.

Public relations does not need the record of formal schooling with very tall record of formal schooling one row this, it is this record of formal schooling is highest that Tang Xin’s record of formal schooling can say. Reading so also have profit, tang Xin is standing to always appear pure and fresh and a Triton of the minnows, free from vulgarity together with these people. Such Tang Xin is a few more contented the vanity of bogus noble, the Tang Xin that looks at temperamental elegant is before them volt is low do small, their him flatter oneself appears higher. To these idea of these people, tang Xin a bit is paid no attention to, both sides is trading relation only, not was necessary to calculate on alleged dignity.

Had made up, tang Xin leans on the seat, silent filling Mian. Actually Tang Xin is very be addicted to sleeps, have before the job ” sleep celestial being ” say, can be now, tang Xin does not know to sleep to nature to wake already is how to return a responsibility.

Although Tang Xin’s person closed an eye, but sleep not heavily however, do not have method, want change twice to just can get off by subway, was asleep how to get off. Alas, lone woman is become self-improvement ah!

Artifice place is transmitted faint ” Di Di. . . . . . Di Di. . . . . . ” sound, tang Xin alertly goggle, hum. . . . . . To the station. Tang Xin rises agily, follow to go outside as the crowd, when, when, oneself just can open a car gracefully to go to work, need not be here does the person push a person?

Stepping on 8 centimeters high-heeled shoes, low head sees a table gracefully, very good, just 8:30. Tang Xin is the employee that this office building comes the earliest besides entrance guard and cleaner forever. Why, still be that answer, for: Money!

Half hour that reachs early looks not matter, but hold to every day very god-given however, hold to because of this just about, tang Xin becomes the clerk with highest sale of this office building, when because taking breakfast when others,entering office building, tang Xin had been combed became good job of a day. Have breakfast or still be in when others is prattle last night the film when, tang Xin already had done all preparation to work, not be to go out caller door, prepare to develop next potential client namely.

The person that runs a company comes in succession, if be mixed commonly as one used to do,Tang Xin is like transient oneself humane good morning, although salesperson face and heart are on bad terms, but this surface kongfu still must be accomplished as far as possible, is ceremony much person quite.

Thinking, downstage Zhu Xing of little younger sister steps on this high-heeled shoes ground of Dong Dong Dong runnings: “Alarm alarm, female demon head came back, yang Bi book just gives me hit telephone call! ” the private secretary that Yang Bi book is female demon head, this paragraph of time chases after downstage Zhu Xing closely, so this word of bright red apricot is authentic necessarily.

But this female demon head is not to just go 3 days, be to still a month just comes back, came back how suddenly, this is the rhythm that wants evil whole everyone!

Female demon head is heard in the office namely this company, “Hong Gu is landed ” the message that come back frightens vice president hurry-scurry, the it may be said inside field is sound of a sad wail rises.

Others is impatient busy confused, tang Xin however still a pair of imperturbable about, him all along is to go up today’s class, handle the issue tomorrow, although what encounter to break out a state, also can answer.

At this moment, the Li Yan happen by chance that takes next door Tang Xin comes over, talk in whispers beside Tang Xin ear: “Why can you know female demon head to come back suddenly this? ” Tang Xin does not have interest to these things originally, but be unable to bear Li Yan that eager eyes, seem wants to know of the Eight Diagrams is Li Yan is not Tang Xin like. Strong and pervasive fragrance of prep before the Tang Dynasty replies, one face agitato says Li Yan, “Female demon head is away on official business in new York originally talk about a contract, allegedly the contract was signed quickly, get the urgent cable of group headquarters suddenly however, head of life female demon goes back to the motherland instantly! Why can you know to let female demon head go back to the motherland instantly? Why can you know to let female demon head go back to the motherland instantly??

This ability had Tang Xin really a bit interest, female demon head calls female demon the head, because her job capability is extremely strong,be completely, be able to bear or endure again hold, when having pressing job at ordinary times, that is refuse to have anything to do with all kins and friends, against time, who is so big face, can you let her put down in one’s hand does the contract approach A city?

See Tang Xin came interest, li Yan double eye puts smooth ground say: “You want to be less than absolutely is where honour Buddha! Can you know the prince father a surname of our group cases? Can you know the prince father a surname of our group cases??

The grand that Tang Xin is in targets swan real estate is a subsidiary below group of family name of the first month, although the company is very not big, but it is at hand of family name of the first month however most company of profitable a core, in company position outstanding! Now this world, where going to is money much talking voice is big. The subsidiary below banner of family name of the first month is much, the industry covers a range wide also, medical treatment, hairdressing, bank, the supermarket have involve, but in recent years real-estate industry goes in for sth in a large scale, grand swan real estate is in 10 years short the fortune that will be created for the company adds up than other and all industry much, dirt of grease big cat is old, can say so so, grand targets swan landed tall canal is the person with the most trustful family name of the first month.

“Listening is to had listened, but had not seen. ” Tang Xin says lightly.

Took family name of the first month, who can still know family name of the first month currently holds the post ofMeng Huafu of in power person to have one child one female, prince the first month cases, princess analogy contain, the princess follows Meng Huafu to surname, in such tycoon big family, have one only child one female, still let a daughter follow maternal last name, visible Meng Huafu and his madam feeling are wonderful.

Because be alone child, so case of the first month appears all the more Jin Gui, so old come, never appear in public eye shot, extremely mysterious. But the first month cases,the plute that is in A city is encircled in, it is to have place of all corners of the country extremely however. Want to also know, be in that to come with money the circle that platoon endowment talks people of a certain kind, the family property of whose home is much, family property is big, who is the old. Family name of the first month does not say in A city is a big boss, but the large family that also is count as one of the best, case of the first month is the exclusive heir of family name of the first month, the children that this identity contends for right of inheritance than leaning those even people do not know ambitious on how many!

“Your this word said to be equal to did not say, family name of this the first month, who still can know prince as form of a address for an official or rich man, be in whole A city namely, what do not know prince of family name of the first month as form of a address for an official or rich man is scarce also! Besides, whole group, again a few people had seen prince, estimation has seen by. . . . . . ” saying, hand horizontal stroke is put in neck place, make a grimace: “Kill a witness or accomplice! “Kill a witness or accomplice!!

“Say one’s proper business, say one’s proper business, you can know, this female demon head is come to by urgent recall, accept prince namely on a special trip. Prince is allegedly abrupt be seized by a whim goes back to the motherland, put forward to want Hui Mengshi to work again, be no good president with joy! ” personage of the Eight Diagrams differs the someone says, continue to start to talk: “Why can you know to let female demon head accept prince? ” . . . . . . “As it is said, antecedents of this female demon head but not small, it is the daughter of president old family friends, president lets her come to a company, act on the idea that develops daughter-in-law to come namely. ” saying, li Yan make contemplative record, mutter: “Also be presumably, average person, how can assume vice president in our company, this Min Hui has backstage supporter surely, just did not think of backstage supporter is so strong! ” Min Hui is true name of female demon head namely.

Tang Xin nods secretly, lower one’s head thoughtful: Emergency moves so old person not to know to be able to be in a company arisen what kind of billows, a mu when hope not to affect oneself only 3 it is good to distribute land.

Two people are saying, see downstage Zhu Xing runs only, crying: “Came, came, female demon head came, everybody hurries the ground. . . . . . ..

Everybody sits rapidly oneself seat, each hypocrisy is staring at computer, make record of serious work energetically.

As expected, be less than quarter, hear high-heeled shoes of some of that be used to to step the sound of the ground. Just, if go in foremost face like queen,not be female demon head this, go in a man that wearing black clothes however. Everybody ever never saw Guo Minhui is so docile, tender, complexion is contained spring, eyebrow eye takes laugh one side. The man that sees a figure is forceful only goes in front, wear a sunglasses, thin lip small close lightly, do not look to give expression. The skin is dark, facial features as graduating with cutter general, edges and corners is trenchant, not angry and power, lead 3 minutes of evil spirit energy of life oneself, 3 nobody dare be stood by inside rice. Everybody stands straight, look be like indifferently, who does not think unbridled ground looks up actually will see prince of family name of this the first month a form of a address for an official or rich man?

The first month cases and person of Min Hui group goes very quickly, min Hui also did not stop introductory the first month cases, tang Xin is hanging low first, maintaining the pose of official of the most perfect face be good at, should not use Yu Guang to peek the meaning that the first month cases. One pedestrian has taken the hall directly, abrupt, prince of leading sheep the first month stopped suddenly, the person within an inch of from the back has not enough time to stop to control a foot, and the Min Hui that goes by case of the first month is however before case of the first month the Yao of one pace stops. And the look that sees Min Hui, do not have the meaning that go back comes to however, look this Min Hui and Meng Taizi really: “Be close to ” !

Case of the first month stops, only buoyant said two words, “Hello ” , voice is very small, do not have a person to hear almost. And before the working desk that the position that he keeps is Tang Xin fitly, reflectingly of Tang Xin condition looks up, one, tang Xin is stupefied was in on the spot. Everybody’s look waved, resemble smooth lamp of a bundle of Shu Mei, illuminate on Tang Xin face, illuminate on face of case of the first month again. The even on face of case of the first month does not look to give what clue, although still calculate,Tang Xin looks calm, can be that grief of eye ground, on expression it is to still do not have there’s still time to close however questioningly, it is not clear that people looks, but leave case of Tang Xin’s closest Li Yan, the first month, Min Hui to look clearly however, min Huijing looks at Tang Xin staticly, do not look to give happy anger.

Look at the expression that fluctuates on Tang Xin face, corners of the mouth of case of the first month is raised slightly, smile a thin smile, view that expression, seem is very satisfactory. This one halt, ground of as if nothing happened goes away, whats a moment ago did not produce seem.

Case of the first month goes, the office left boiler like scamper, meng Taizi having boast is handsome person those who have, have plaint to did not come to what the person that company the current political situation changes has, have Min Hui of the Eight Diagrams and partaker of prince of the first month, etc differ. And right now, tang Xin still is returned right now foolish be stupefied to standing, someone else sat down, she appears particularly abrupt. Li Yan hurries firm pulled Tang Xin, tang Xin drops with respect to take advantage of an opportunity sit on the chair, person plum beautiful says whats do not have reaction.

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