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I feel confused, head hair is heavy, all over ache is borne hard.

It is to sleep on big bed of mom it seems that, soft soft, warm warm.

“Flower younger brother, should get up, the sun is basking in the buttock. ” mom’s sound is crying gently. I was not responded, it is to connect talking effort to be done not have it seems that.

“Your or else rises, I with respect to the sparrow you hold tight comes down. ” mom’s hand is extended entered a quilt. I one Jing, opened an eye.

It is to daydreaming so.

I look up, what see above all is the big bed-curtain on the top of head.

Bed-curtain is the flax make it that catchs look of light greenish blue with a kind, I remember seeing this kind of mosquito net that makes with flax in one’s childhood.

Mosquito-curtain is hanged on bed of a piece of tremendous wood of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, also I had seen this kind of bed in one’s childhood.

Pass through the light of flax, can see the people with indistinct face of regard sb as an outsider.

“Snow, did your elder sister wake? ” the sound of a woman from transmit outside the window.

“Still be done not have, mammy. ” the sound that is a girl, seem to be in around.

“Fine… ” I am crying aloud, but did not give out any sound it seems that, only from a bit hoarse that go out is squeezed to cry like balderdash in throat.

Account shade was pulled open, show the face of a beautiful girl.

“Elder sister, do you wake? ” the girl sees me, instantly face about goes.

“Rain, elder sister woke, fine elder sister woke, go quickly crying Mom! ” the girl is crying hurriedly.

“Snow, did elder sister wake really? Did elder sister wake really??

“True, who cheats you, go quickly calling mammy! ” the girl beside is crying aloud at the same time, hanged account to tick off at the same time. Apparent she is snow.

A sunshine was overflowed instantly come in, take a central heating. I feel to have some of offending to the eye only, closed an eye hastily.

They are to who saying, who is their elder sister?

I am recollecting the thing that produced last night carefully. Not be whole it is in the evening on the big bed of carve patterns or designs on woodwork of Jun Yue hotel, he Qing swim together Long Hufeng? That lovely fine ah, after still saying, want to be together with me every day.

But remember a moment ago dream, feel suddenly again fear to rise.

I stretch my hand subliminally the body that feels oneself, but the chest that feels Gao Ting only and smooth belly, soft soft, soft soft, slip tender unusual. It is the girl of a standard actually!

I thought of a fine.

“Fine, did you wake eventually? ” a woman looks at me, all over the face smile, stand by two young little sisters.

She calls me the fine! How did I become a fine? Where did that old old man that makes Yu Ying go again?

“Rain, go quickly suckling the sheep to your elder sister hot end comes. ” the wife says. Look she is Mom.

“Snow, you go preparing bathing water to your elder sister. Want a water add heat, put some of leaf more again. Affirmation of your elder sister is very frail, both of you should take good care of fine elder sister ah. ” Mom continues to say. Two little sisters left a room.

“Fine, do not know how to return a responsibility, you slept several days, us whole happy Chun Yuan was psyched out. ” ground stroke wears Mom tenderness my face, smilingly ground looks at me.

What is happy Chun Yuan? How did I become a fine again?

I remember the He Qing on last night clearly together the sweet feeling that cuddle wears. Fine keep calling me husband, vending again and again, must rectify me it seems that individual get down goes just can be being satisfied.

Be, how do I become a fine however between one night!

“Elder sister, will let a little sister feed you. ” a little sister carried the thing like a bowl of congee resembling rice.

“Fine, this is China the ginseng sheep that Laoshi allocates technically for you suckles a thick soup, it is big of filling vigour. ” mammy says.

I visit the little sister beside, also knowing is to call snow still be rain, she two grow obviously exactly like, like a person.

I open the mouth amenably, drink issued what a thick soup.

Pretty good still, of sweet honey, very resemble the congee that in one’s childhood mom boils to me. Mom’s flavour attracted my taste, I am big big mouth ground eats a bowl of a thick soup very quickly.

“Still have? ” I still want to eat.

“Fine, cannot eat much, because you are already hungry several days, must come slowly. ” mammy is so tender still, “Snow, both of you serve your elder sister to bathe after a while. ” Mom walked out of a house eventually.

I want to close an eye to have a break. Because of,appeared suddenly at the moment younger sister.

“Flower elder brother, where do you go to? I search to cannot find you everywhere. ” because of younger sister a pair of anxious appearance.

I am opened hastily open one’s eyes, still have the mosquito net of color of light greenish blue only at the moment.

To because of,see younger sister, I close an eye again. Lie beside me because of younger sister as expected, still have our son.

The someone says the son resembles mother, the daughter resembles father. Husband because younger sister grows,mix really exactly like: Round cheek, big eye, become warped nose, small mouth, mix even mole of that beauty side the lip even of his mom same, long be in same a position. But the daughter that how Marie gives birth to to me resembles her mother however, where is the French young woman of a standard? Hey, pitiful flower younger brother, actually neither one child resembles you!

More pitiful now, became a female baby, also cannot mix again my because of predestined relationship of husband and wife of younger sister finish.

But is this why? What job to produce?

“Elder sister, bath boiling water is ready. ” my loathing ground opens an eye. A girl stands in my bedside, do not know to make rain still be snow.

“Are you rain? ” I ask in a low voice. I just discover, how did oneself sound also become sweet daughter news.

“Elder sister, I am not rain, it is snow. It is snow..

“Divided do not come out. ” I murmur path.

“I and rain it is twin, elder sister has been clear about without cent, what is more,the rather that I two did not wear the dress again today. ” snow laughing to say.

I leave child, try to sit up, but it is infructuous apparently, whole body still is stuck on the bed motionless.

Snow the quilt that pulled open my body to go up gently. That is one bed belt bright red peony grows beautifully again wide large quilt, close-fitting one side is soft cotton cloth, snow-white and snow-white.

When the instant that the quilt is lifted, I am abrupt be attracted by oneself beautiful and attractive feminine body place, hoping oneself are bemused silently. Is this not whole be a fine body? Delicate in that way, soft in that way beauty, make a man infinite in that way a world of be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy is fairy!

“Snow! ” what I show one face is flurried.

“Elder sister, what thing? What thing??

“Take a mirror quickly to give me. “Take a mirror quickly to give me..

Snow give come the thing of a round circle, I look, know that is archaic bronze mirror.

“Is there other mirror? ” I know that nuisance is to not clear what illuminate.

Snow took again.

“Elder sister, we just look for craftsman burnish to pass this, according to case can be clear about. ” rain do not know what time also comes to the side. Snow lift that bronze mirror to me before.

Indistinct, that like fairy fine in my heart cheek emerges it is before.

I am a fine really!

I am returned on last night namely and my bump a mythical bird like the phoenix falls phoenix that beautiful fine!

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