Dozenth chapter

” read aloud to reach and be heated up ” develop illuminate / , this chapter in all 1140 words, update at: 2020-03-11 09:08

Stayed to be less than half hour salary to read aloud 3 to go.

Edge to there is Yang Yang edge to read aloud to salary outside the hall say ” I send you. Edge to there is Yang Yang edge to read aloud to salary outside the hall say ” I send you..

“Need not, I let young timber accompanied me to come. ” just said, see there is eider down of a black to take in Mu Chenghe hand forward they go.

“General manager, I will receive salary always. I will receive salary always..

“Hum. ” Yang Yang starts to talk.

“Hey, I say Xiaomuzi, didn’t you see me? Know with me elder brother greets sb, do you lose sight of am I so big old living person? ? ? . ” Yang Guang is ill-affected ground respecting.

“Haw… , small Yang Zong. Small Yang Zong..

“Hum, this ability is right, go back I let my elder sister increase wage to you. Go back I let my elder sister increase wage to you..

Yang Yang looks at Yang Guang’s behavior to also do not have life, just laugh.

“Went, when do you read the Master, let young timber call you again small Yang Zong. ” salary reads aloud an edge to say the edge gives Mu Chenghe the eider down that come is taken put on, preparing, say suddenly to Yang[……]


Do not like even if do not like

” float unripe everythings on earth can have have a reunion ” evening year all up / , this chapter in all 3437 words, update at: 2020-03-10 19:50

Noon break time is hasty and over- , originally 4 people are like unfamiliar in person however at the moment sister, the friendship of the girl is so strange, on one second is indifferent, enthusiasm of below one second is like fire

4 sisters hand is pulling a hand to take Islam room, always have in the class so an area is a few people gather together lively and extraordinary, have always also so an area separates an era suddenly, great majority is not to had learned to like quiet person namely

“Hey, fall how, you say who is the most good-looking on our class “

Shi Jinhua is carrying brows to asking

“Hum, I feel that is good-looking “

Du Laan turns the head looks at Song Jiaoyu to saying at the same time

“I feel on the side of her that is good-looking, do not know what to call namely “

Apply what Jin China sighs with emotion to saying

“Elder brother, you feel which good-looking ah “

Shijin China logy is saying

“I feel you if this semester does not go on study result, little not two-men annulus is hit “

Shi Jin year taking gold-rimmed glasses gentle and quiet li of noble that shows not to catch dispute ful[……]


Hello dusk cloth with soft nap

” float unripe everythings on earth can have have a reunion ” evening year all up / , this chapter in all 2483 words, update at: 2020-03-06 19:41

County of dusk cloth with soft nap 2 in doorway, collected a lot of students and parent, after been take an examination of in, some people are taken an examination of attended oneself good college; Some people sigh with emotion again and again, again much cent I am taken an examination of went up other school; Return some the person is more alas sound is ceaseless

“Mom, I said I do not come to this school, you slant should let me come, you this is not past fiery pit sends me “

“How, how can mom send you toward fiery pit, mom is for hello ah ” prevent mom at the same time fan is worn fan is saying helplessly at the same time

“Mom, I can beg you to not be me became good, you know perfectly well my achievement to differ, still send me learn bully group in ” Du Laan very of accurate saying

Prevent mom advises in earnest saying ” father mother is for yours consider in the future, there is not culture now, the pass the time in a leisurely way that you can have in the society, must go should coolying, father mother is good send you not easily, it is for drive you, of the province you everyday not attend to one’s proper works or duties “

Cut, du Laan sighed at a heat, it is good for him apparently still not be fo[……]


Cannot allude

” north of Na Youqiao wood has a Chinese flowering crabapple ” evening year all up / , this chapter in all 3034 words, update at: 2020-02-29 20:42

Arrived Gu Jialao curtilage, before Sun Nasheng looks at an eye, be familiar with everything unfamiliar, after before 3 months 3 months everything already content is person blame

“Qing Dynasty is joyous, go, liu elder brother’s wife can prepare one big desk is the vegetable that you love to eat “

“Often come back with you before me? “Often come back with you before me??

“Hum is the closest “

“Oh “

How doesn’t no wonder Sun Nasheng have impression to Li Qinghua

“Go “

Topic of Gu Ziyan avulsion is pulling Li Qing’s joyous hand to walk into consider a so big villa

“Grandfather “

See consider lord child Gu Ziyan is changed for an instant crying sweetly as small cotton-padded jacket

“Hey, child beautiful ah came back this to live a few days more “

The resembling of Gu Feng laugh childlike saying

“Hum, live a few days more “

“Good, good, this somebody accompanies me this a loner “

“That, what does the grandma calculate “

Gu Ziyan carries the say that laughing like the thing intentionally

“You, your grandma, how to compare so[……]


The 2nd chapter

” inclined travel ” Ka Ka Xi/ is written, this chapter in all 2663 words, update at: 2020-04-02 20:00

The company that Home Lin Jian goes to work from Lin Mo is close, and he also lives in this be used to, although moved out, but the thing still is put in mostly here, how doesn’t he reply his rented house at ordinary times so.

But through this thing, lin Mo is long memory, dare not go to easily again before Lin Jian collect. Issued a class to go toward his rented house every day.

Talk till the Later Zhou Dynasty of a week be away on official business came back, hit a phone to make him excellent to him in have a meal his this ability dare go.

The concern that Lin Mo follows Zhou Tan is all along very good, just went to into the door beside the Zhou Tan that sits on sofa collect, did not see sit the Lin Jian that the magazine reads on the balcony. Promote follow Zhou Tan hurriedly to chat, showing off the new mobile telephone that he just changed to Zhoutan.

Lin Jian saw him, exit reminds: “Your elder sister’s husband still differs an ending, do not disturb him. Do not disturb him..

Hear Lin Jian’s voice like that suddenly, lin Mo was frightened jump, take the new mobile telephone on the hand within an inch of was dropped. He looks tensely to all around, saw Lin Jian’s figure on the balcony eventually, change just complacent, of cowardly cowardl[……]


Tang Le of the 88th chapter came back

” Ing of the 2nd cup of half price ” charm hopes Bennle/ is written, this chapter in all 1314 words, update at: 2020-03-12 13:59

“How? Why to talk? ” Su Xin’s satisfactory laugh, “Is this kind of feeling that be overwhelmed with sorrow very marvellous? “Is this kind of feeling that be overwhelmed with sorrow very marvellous??

“This young lady, want to close here, the young lady leaves please. The young lady leaves please..

At this moment, a female voice is transmitted outside the door.

This sound, yan Ancheng is especially other and familiar.

She looks up suddenly, that piece of spruce face gives Tang Le her line of sight is medium now.

“Le Le… ” path of An Chengnan Nan, have in eye what conceal hard is excited with excitement, still have a lot of mysterious.

“Who are you? You are not merchant, by what do you drive me to go? ” Su Xin rolls a head, beautiful eye is looking attentively at Tang Le, angry track.

“Oh? ” Tang Le approached, in Su Xin before stopped, two people are about the same tall, make the same score each other inspect, “How do you know I am not merchant? “How do you know I am not merchant??

Dumb mouth of Su Xin instant is breathed.

“Ask you to go out! ” Tang Le in a stern voice, there is the fury that cannot conceal in beautiful eye.



Assist of the 15th chapter fierces and ambitious gallop method

” Ing of the 2nd cup of half price ” charm hopes Bennle/ is written, this chapter in all 1095 words, update at: 2019-03-10 10:49

“Ah? Oh. ” An Cheng was stupefied, bypass from car head then, preparation goes back row door.

“Do in front come! ” driver’s seat uploads came Zun Xiao gallop a bit grouchy sound, an Cheng is forced to open pair of driving door, sat.

Zun Xiao gallop twist a head to see Xiangyan An Cheng, remittent after seeing her, stand by An Cheng slowly again.

“Do not come over! ” Yan Ancheng sees shape goes at once door of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, discover door had been chained by him however, cannot open, then she can she is without raise then the small fist of power, xiang Zunxiao gallop declare is worn her fierce.

Zun Xiao gallop the laugh that bestows favor on be addicted to is worn handholded her small fist, below one second pulls open complete belt, after safety belt side she has been played, start accelerator again, the car begins travel on the driveway.

“Hello! Are you dry? Put me! ” Yan Ancheng one Jing, detect at once incorrect interest, zun Xiao gallop which are so the person of volubility, she was cheated by him again.

“I send you. ” Zun Xiao gallop visual ahead, an Cheng looks at him, his side colour outline cuts axe to chop kind of swift and fierce like the knife, dashing eyebrow[……]


The 18th chapter

” love is sanded ” page Xiao Yan / , this chapter in all 2805 words, update at: 2020-03-05 17:30

Multitude the face of leave uncovered army has been waved to be hit in disorder by Ai Sha all over the face aglow, one face finger imprints.

“Either, it is her, a moment ago she threw one Jiao, you give look. ” multitude leave uncovered army puts Ai Sha to chair seeing a doctor at the same time, say at the same time.

“Ah! ” the Ai Sha that sits on the chair cries immediately, the doctor asks: “Where throwing? ” Ai Sha lowers his head not to talk, the doctor asked a few times continuously, ai Sha also did not reply. Have the nerve of Ai Sha where says before the face of a schoolboy is ” the buttock ” , he is obliged to be cursed in the heart.

“Doctor, it is the buttock… right! Fall the buttock! ” multitude leave uncovered army is to bit of inaccuracy is decided first, but halt one, see Ai Sha raises a head to come abruptly, staring at him ferociously, shake his head desperately again next, show fully in the eye want to break him cadaver the 10 thousand thought that break, he just nods certainly, emphasizing loudly, sound all the time the echo is in Ai Sha’s ear, ai Sha just begins to regret oneself look for him to explain, what makes her head calorific rush to look for him?

Also be to fall, ai Sha just knows goosefoot leave uncovered army is the son with few clever[……]


2Lighting Stage 28

” LnS ” astral late and degree / , this chapter in all 2901 words, update at: 2020-03-22 15:26

“China year? China year? ” month of Xue bright and beautiful stretchs his hand in Zhang Hua year before brandish brandish, ask: “What to think? “What to think??

“Hum? It doesn’t matter. ” Zhang Hua year said a fib.

“You had not answered my question… calculate. ” month of Xue bright and beautiful also did not insist to ask, she Cong Zhanghua of line of sight year removed on the body, orthoptic ahead, path: “Be about to enter the arena that play a song later, to moment I must cheer ability to go! To moment I must cheer ability to go!!


This paragraph of time that follow-up music makes, zhang Hua year received drama of a movie and TV to invite at the same time with Xia Yutong about.

” cloud city ” it is teleplay of black unreal of a large ancient costume, zhang Hua year will act respectively with Xia Yutong among them the unit of an unit story male advocate peace male 2. Although unit story is occupied in integral length too bigger than calculating, but it is an independent and whole story after all, because their task still is held out,weigh. For absorption take sport, must ask for leave period of time to the school first, to this, mind a bit in Xia Yutong’s heart — what he loves more is musical and rather than act in a play, though also want to try[……]


3Luminary Sunlight 24

” LnS ” astral late and degree / , this chapter in all 3209 words, update at: 2020-03-22 15:55

Month of Xue bright and beautiful takes the first sport that films after the group is clever come on stage first.

Corrupt wolf door advocate birthday shortly, invite each hero to gather in corrupt wolf mountain villa, banquet has not begun, 4 people add up to small litter of carried carve patterns or designs on woodwork to break into. Then small litter stops, see woman of one white garment is defeated suddenly litter supports and go out. Her agile tall horsetail follows wind small raise, tiptoe steps litter top gently, flying body comes in the air. 4 accompany cast up severally the small umbrella that gives to be maintained, that woman is stepping the umbrella needle that rotates in sky gently, one direction ahead is mobile.

Wait for her lightsome after falling on the stage in the middle of hall courtyard, slightly bend forward path of body make a bow with hands folded in front: “Junior, comfort chapter sends child, clever. Respectful Zhu Men advocate birthday great rejoicing, auspicious Kangantai! ” language finish, she waves to 4 accompany, “It is me the door advocate preparative gift is shown come up. “It is me the door advocate preparative gift is shown come up..

When come on stage first pat, lunar Lian Weiya did not consider Xue bright and beautiful to go up tear open, after the c[……]