The 16th chapter

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Play game with high school classmate in the evening, mr A sits by me to read a book.

Suddenly a schoolgirl says: ?

The still has a high school fellow student that plays together at that time. I am extremely awkward, be forced to say: ? Hold extensive of cochlea of coal fierce Shan high to risk an umbrella! ?

But the particularly guilty reaction that looks at Mr A with Yu Guang, but the book that Mr A lowers his head to see him as before, like seeming to did not hear.

Because too dish, I died very quickly, be forced to close wheat to see them hit.

Mr A was like an induction to arrive same, look up ask me: ? Does Ang Mi crack play handsome?

I nod.

Then Mr A closed the book on his hand, does face about ask me: ? Bay  of chimney of Fu of a surname of impossible of  of  of Chou of Sun of camel sincering feeling handsome?

I feel to still had been held out, nod.

Mr A stretchs his hand pat the head that taps me to scold my fool. Then asks I did not want to play again.

I think I understand the meaning of Mr A, my this individual is so good after all face, lie between when this thing so long be without to scruple so by the[……]