The 16th chapter

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Play game with high school classmate in the evening, mr A sits by me to read a book.

Suddenly a schoolgirl says: ?

The still has a high school fellow student that plays together at that time. I am extremely awkward, be forced to say: ? Hold extensive of cochlea of coal fierce Shan high to risk an umbrella! ?

But the particularly guilty reaction that looks at Mr A with Yu Guang, but the book that Mr A lowers his head to see him as before, like seeming to did not hear.

Because too dish, I died very quickly, be forced to close wheat to see them hit.

Mr A was like an induction to arrive same, look up ask me: ? Does Ang Mi crack play handsome?

I nod.

Then Mr A closed the book on his hand, does face about ask me: ? Bay  of chimney of Fu of a surname of impossible of  of  of Chou of Sun of camel sincering feeling handsome?

I feel to still had been held out, nod.

Mr A stretchs his hand pat the head that taps me to scold my fool. Then asks I did not want to play again.

I think I understand the meaning of Mr A, my this individual is so good after all face, lie between when this thing so long be without to scruple so by the[……]


011 meet later probably, but impossible now

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Xuan Sen plans to take me to attend the friend’s wedding originally, be in however the telephone call that assistant received to be hit when the day shines slightly, saying is come round to negotiate next week cooperative client changed the journey temporarily, will arrive at midday on the west salty International Airport, go straight towards staying hotel to undertake negotiating signing agreement continuously next.

Xuan Sen is forced to wake me in sleeping soundly up, explanatory hind ate breakfast hurriedly, I reminded to attend wedding again before going out!

“Wait. ” I am wearing briefs to jump down from the bed only, chased after a doorway to call him.

“Hum? ” he turns round.

My serious run is worn his cravat, say, “Of a stubbly beard, nobody can say you, because that makes sex appeal, but if cravat became inclined, the man that like you this kind of career has, total meeting draws on the view with unusual others, because that calls slovenly. Because that calls slovenly..

Xuan Sen’s warm laugh is worn kissed me, “It is really good to have you, went. Went..

I exhort, “The attention on the road is safe! “The attention on the road i[……]