The 15th chapter fell ill

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Spend the New Year a few days ago, grandmother because vertigo be in hospital, mom calls those who tell me disease is quite serious.

I what be brought up beside grandmother all the time as a child I come home with Mr A instantly visit an old person, do not have what big question simply.

After the hospital stayed two days, see grandma illness improves somewhat, I prepare to come home with Mr A spend the New Year.

All the way I am drowsy, all along I not carsick am returned unexpectedly dizzy car. Mr A asks I caught a cold hastily, I shake my head feel not so should hapless.

5 in one’s childhood, reached the home eventually, right now already afternoon at 4 o’clock, I and Mr A are tired should die, bathed to sleep.

Hapless is shut-eye sleeps, I begin voice to ache, back-to-back move coughs.

Mr A feels I should be a cold, took patulin to let me eat.

Still feel Mr A is fussily at that time.

The result rises in the morning the following day, because epidemic situation Wh seals a city,Mr A tells me.

I am frightened so that want dead at that time, the symptom that treats to feel oneself fall ill more more and that ill symptom resembles a bit.