” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 582 words, update at: 2017-07-29 11:25

Laolu, it is the master worker that I take me when Suzhou branch jackarooes, though everybody calls him Laolu, actually his age just comes forward 30 years old not quite, it is working hours grows only just. His stature is not tall fat fat, holding out the beer belly of round circle, always be the appearance of a pair of smilingly.

Meet for the first time, he says: “Both of you come over, I tell the essentials that makes a sale to you. ” next of I and bump of fart of Xiaochen fart bump run to him in front of.

“Make a sale, be about to learn to see the person says person word absurd says lie above all… ” listen to what he dashs along to tell, we laughed, the means that speaks because of him is very humorous really. Next 3 months, he is taking us all the time, from I learned a lot of thing over there him. His speech works very pliable, can satisfy client demand not to damage company profit again already, pardonable an ace that he can be a company, a lot of clients that tangle hard are he comes to those who decide to do.

He takes us ordinal visit a client, the state that introduces every client to us in detail and characteristic and the measure that encounter a problem to want to answer, he still took us to take characteristic course of place. He always is very humorous, of talk[……]


The全国茶资源信息 27th chapter

” the angel of love ” Nai falls 152102/ is written, this chapter in all 2103 words, update at: 2017-09-15 11:44

That evening, li Hao like that night cannot sleep, he should want in the consideration bold go loving, through the one consideration in the evening, he understood, want to love boldly, if love boldly at the outset, do not care about Hui Hui to cannot give birth to the child, he Huihui may be early now married, lost Hui Hui, he cannot be in lost graceful

The door opened, li Hao reacts instinctively like that, have thief, become known day steals a thing, courage is really great, he took bat hastily, small triumphant push the door and enter, what to do, laoli, want to beat me

You ah, you still have the key of my home, grand asks like that

The key that I return your home today came, the key of your home is put in me here, incorrect also, will return the key

With Hui Hui elder sister chats how, be enlightened

How do you know Hui Hui has come, li Hao asks instinctively like that

Laoliu tells me, you should admit to know Laoliu is the money with your this the biggest all one’s life, help you how many times, simply as one’s great benefactor general, meet next time, give person knock two, oh small triumphant of grinning cheekily say

Return a lesson to removed me to come, with your cousin me so talk, did not do not[……]


B广州夜网论坛LKHald ass of the 5th chapter, rest to grab division with deficient path too!

” if this life vivid battle song rises ” connect clever half Tibet / , this chapter in all 2169 words, update at: 2017-08-14 19:01

How does Yi Ren also want not to understand, why should Miss Yang help him? Since she wants to help her, why before so fierce to oneself?

Yi Ren still wants to be illogical this problem.

Teach as a result of of Director Yang fortunately, saying well and truly is intimidate, the atmosphere of whole classroom begins to become friendly rise.

No matter how the world develops, the child also is a child only after all, the policy that should know a bit carrot to increase a club a little only is good.

Actually, free writing, propositional writing, can pupil learn how brillant do exercises in composition?

The key still should have excellent classroom discipline just.

Think of here, yi Ren can’ted help having the idea that wants to learn teaching experience with Director Yang.

Hum? How can I have such idea? Yi Ren agrees with the method of Director Yang not completely from the bottom of the heart actually, just very this method of curiosity poplar why so the canal is used.

Yi Ren’s education is undertaking smoothly, and the heart that she thinks to Director Xiang Yang does obeisance to Shi Xueyi also is in grow increasingly.

But, the eyes that Director[……]


101 unripe pathological changes are beco广州夜生活娱乐GFDme enjoy

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1546 words, update at: 2017-08-17 06:46

I am fearing the boss sleeps cold when, the boss is opened however before open one’s eyes and coming to my bed. Face his inquiry of one pile, don’t I know how to reply?

Via him so say, my this ability feels, really, I think pee, my face at a draught red.

He understood my meaning at a draught, very natural: “What there’s no one who doesn’t or isn’t do this have to leave? This is normal behavior of the person! Nevertheless you cannot be moved in disorder now, the move that fasten pull out blade, that can not play! You are lying, I implement hand you, you come to an end again accost I. You come to an end again accost I..

Saying him already implement put to the side of me: “I help you! “I help you!!

My face is redder, busy refuse: “Need not, myself can go! ” because disrobe body is when the operation, also did not put on in observation room, I need slight side to move body of one private parts to go only.

He sees my bashful look, run intentionally to the doorway to seem to be in guard a gate for me, passed a little while, come back again, look at me, waiting to fall from my body take out implement. I more feel embarrassed, how can you let a boss carry excrement to carry make water for me?

He seemed to see through my idea, t[……]


17 you can marry me suc广州悦来香pm之家是真的吗h person

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1816 words, update at: 2017-04-20 06:16

Small brightness say I am the best woman on the world, even if I am not very believe, at least my small vanity got satisfaction, and he says be to be in his eye, so I cannot say he is tricking me!

I am red face: “Nonsense! It what I have is good that what I have? It what I have is good that what I have??

“You beautiful, figure is good, diligent, able, can bear hardships, nice person, kind-hearted and tenderness is virtuous! If who can marry you to do wife, daydream can laugh wake! ” the finger that he is moving himself with the right hand is fine the advantage that enumerates me.

I am wanted to laugh continuously by what his serious foolish condition amuses: “Do not take my joke! Don’t you know I am to marry the long-standing that does not go out? Don’t you know I am to marry the long-standing that does not go out??

His look is burning a little feral even, seem to discover the male lion of prey directly, he is laryngeal move, sound is dark heavy: “Beautiful beautiful, that is their as blind as a bat, your so good good-for-nothing or queer character does not know to cherish, I make sure they can regret all one’s life! Wait and see, you can be found certainly be fond of you, love you, the good man that holds you in both hands in control euqally when treasur[……]


The 45th chapter, s广州 2020新茶微信群ee traffic accident again

” the home and storm ” the grain of rice of pumpkin home / , this chapter in all 604 words, update at: 2017-07-28 15:26

Mr Jia Youxiao has had large half an year to had not met, zhang Xiaojun changed a hair style, the dawdle head in those days has grown hair and waist, zhang Xiaojun plunged into princess head, become more charming be ashamed is lovely, sending out up and down all over the woman’s individual glamour!

“Xiao Jun, do you and Chen Kai article pass happily? ″

“Thank your care,

“I am very happy! “I am very happy!!

I must tell you, there still are you in my heart! “Liu Jiayou’s appearance is very devotional.

“But I had not loved you. “Calm freely ground answers Zhang Xiaojun.

I listen to small to say to hear Song Xiang changed your medicine, I apologize to you for her!

“You see my present look, with respect to the delegate I do not have a thing! I won’t investigate that affair of Song Xiang, you had been at ease. You had been at ease..

“Actually I want to glance more only. Present appearance is the same as ″ fine bless in those days old Kevin. Just Kevin is lone in those days, fine bless had married.

″ you had married parturient, still want to make my decision? Still want to make my decision??

″ although I and Song[……]


One’s目前番禺各大zj地点 life experience of the 20th chapter, Jia Cheng

” the home and storm ” the grain of rice of pumpkin home / , this chapter in all 532 words, update at: 2017-07-01 09:40

From inside mouth of river element cloud she asks about Liu Jiacheng is not Home Liu one’s own. She should return Liu Jia to see her father, still have her half-blooded little brother fine bless. If she is presuming the ground goes back, how is Zhen Zhu allowed again issue her? Then she looked for Yang Lan secretly, talked to be compared with her trade.

She still gave Yang Lan the clothes, promise to cope with Zhang Yingxue for her. This paragraph of time,

She can continue to use identity occupy Home Liu of Yang Lan. And Yang Lan’s only requirement is she cannot concern with Liu Jiacheng happening.

Learn Confucianism hospital, gao Youhe’s sound is extremely cold, compared with outdoor autumn wind cold cold is even gloomy and cold and terrible, seem is depressing full-bodied fury.

Hang down put both hands is grasped already, so that that slender finger curves enough,see the condyle with white extensive.

Crises, it is he flings caution to the winds the ground is done assure. Save the life that answered a little boy from danger sopt. Liu Jiacheng just assisted him to stage perform an operation that, but contribution is added in Jia Cheng completely on one person. Is this fair? Because he is old son of a feudal prince or high off[……]


New begi广州桑拿信息论坛THDnning

” point to seam those who escape you ” dawdle head small silver / , this chapter in all 192 words, update at: 2017-11-20 23:56

Today, I see you in the morning, also heard your voice. But I did not think accordingly too much, because we are friends. I sought a status that can let me still can be accepted quite, I want to be able to manage so you are a bit closer. I also do not know why to want to play game with you very much, because you are met,open speech possibly. But you did not hit a few with me in the evening, also did not talk with me. I did not want to play, I and my pa Mom chatted to meet. But the word of my pa lets me feel pressure is very great, I want to chat with you, but I do not know again from why to speak of. Dawdle, my friend, the person that I like, do not know what how think to be after all in your heart.



Consider for company mor新茶论坛e and more you

” point to seam escape you ” dawdle head small silver / , this chapter in all 1597 words, update at: 2017-11-22 18:45


Here is the Changchun City, on October 14, beijing time 07:45. The memory yesterday holds the post of what make a round trip in brain like that to mirror put, the have one’s mind stuffed with in my heart is her. I plan on last night course of exercitation of early today start of a race, the early that so I remove. I wash gargle to arrange, to colour sent good morning, I do not know she woke up not, so, also did not disturb her too much. I and abandon friend to running back and forth in campus, colour answer my message. She got up, she seems to want to go the classroom seeks a teacher or I remember, so, I at the same time the busy data that finish is collected chat with her at the same time. I feel exercitation process is too tired previously and very dull, can be today, my field trip is very successful, very fast I feel to finish, I also expect and she can be in campus come across. Same today, it is us the first day when organize take in the fresh-take in new Party members, I run in the morning course, back-to-back move went room of 2 Protestantism teaching accept. But I know may dull, then I am taking computer, prepare to complete the field trip. In the classroom, I want to meet with her very much, there are exercitation edge and variety by the side of me chat, she says she is dull also, do not[……]


The 44th chap2020佛山按摩论坛ter: Talk about a marriage

” see Xiao Lang by accident all one’s life ” Liu Ameng / , this chapter in all 1044 words, update at: 2017-11-23 19:25

Shu Qing was stupefied a long time to just react come over he is what meaning, ask he is true at once.

“I do not take this kind of thing to joke. ” the gravity with desolate lustre clinking mood.

“How should be I told with my pa Mom then? ” of easy fine full head sizy.

“You say, my boy friend and his father mother had wanted to see you, spent the New Year to decide close incidentally. ” Xiao Ze begins frame-up classics again.

Shu Qing shakes his head helplessly, “Such too abrupt, they can be frightened. ” she wants to ask him again, “What does your like this do urgently? “What does your like this do urgently??

“I am already fast 30, be afraid that I do not have glamour the little girl that somebody will come grab me. ” his language laughs at beautiful, sound let a person feel very comfortable.

“Then I want how to say with them. ” Shu Qing hanged a phone, sat on bench to think a long time. She is not to had not wanted to want to marry with Xiao Ze, in fact present state follows two people had married also distinction of it doesn’t matter, to her this more resembling is a situation, she does not worry about what Xiao Ze cannot get him parents to approbate, on older rate, what she worries is him not quite outsta[……]