These 6 kinds of things had better not be done before sexual
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   6 kinds need what you raise vigilance " dangerous prelude " . A kind include everybody to think originally can catalytic sexual love, did not think of 3 kinds of quality to destroy sexual love instead; B kind it is everybody has seen be used to not Jing, and 3 kinds when destroy sexual quality likewise actually.

   A kind dangerous prelude

   Still make up a fluid of sexual hormone inject without the person up to now, hear lubricious film of bath of beautiful wine, romantic two-men, affection can be excitant hormone is secreted, then many people build sex atmosphere with them, little imagine...

   Dangerous prelude 1: Alcohol danger index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

   Do not know to come from ancient time really consuetudinary, still be the romance that which director clever light shows is fabricated, anyhow, alcohol became the idiomatic passional irritant in the film. Shakespeare most point out first " wine was stimulated passional, make the action changes a plan however " . Such really, alcoholometer face aids a gender, actually defeats a gender. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks since ancient times, bad news makes love to enrage essence of life after wine. The cerebra after drinking is neurological stimulant although increase temporarily, sexual function drops temporarily however. The female may appear ovarian function obstacle, affect normal oviposit; The male erects difficult or hold to time to shorten. Drunken sexual love still can make the spermary inside male body combines globulin to increase, scathing spermary, abate its produce spermary ketone (sex hormone) ability. Additional, the of 70% spermatozoon after wine may be depauperate, if here the circumstance issues conception, the fetal conference of 26% appears healthy problem, especially intellective obstacle.

   Raise action: No matter what you choose is beer on draft of entrance champagne, spirited liquor, masses, always still be stuck the bishop that indicates with health, drunken inside 2 hours completely " abstinency " .

   Dangerous prelude 2: Index of danger of hot water bath: ★ of ★ ★ ★

   In make love before the business that do, love cleanness, tell sanitation, bathe first, of course give no cause for more criticism, but the two-men that has many people to count lingering ten minutes in all bath should do sexual prelude. Actually, hot water bath of more than 5 minutes uses up a large number of physical ability, and sexual love is to need enough physical ability to lay in, make love below this kind of circumstance, hold to time to often shorten. In the meantime, human body is loosened gradually below hot water action, enter all over rest condition, each organ is very difficult rapid excitement, intense sexual love can cause sexual organs quickHyperaemiaBe damaged, pull quickly pull a movement to injure flesh fiber easily still. The most important is, long hot water bath can reduce human body susceptibility, especially the susceptibility of female sexual organs, think of to amount to a climax at this moment but extremely difficult.

   Raise action: If body cleaner is done to make before sexual love, be in time control please 5 minutes of less than; If want to enjoy romantic two-men bath, move lingering time please to sexual hind.

   Dangerous prelude 3: Index of danger of affection lubricious film: ★ ★

   If get to the bottom of sth traces to the source, affection lubricious film appears, one of reasons are to the sex hormone content inside body gives to increase a few percent before sexual love originally. But newest research discovery, sweeter and sweeter colourful visual stimulation makes human body neurological exceeding excitement, make love below so tall stimulation, cerebrum often is in anoxic condition. Although temporary cerebral ministry is anoxic,can add the sexual pleasure like dream to one part person more, but time one long, head is anoxic exceed physiology limit, the person can feelDazed, collapse, do not regard these symptoms as again the normal follow-up of intense sexual love, they are the expression 佛山夜网

of out of control of nerve of the plant inside human body actually, if things go on like this, heart and brain function can be damaged.

   Raise action: Might as well more is applied touch, kiss these " natural " stimulation will stimulate oestrus desire, what still have you of course is unbroken lovers' prattle.


   B kind dangerous prelude

   Somebody reconciles what sexual love should do brawl hind means; Although somebody feels tired out still " hold to after all " ; Return somebody to be used to in the passion after eat, little imagine...

   Prelude 4: Brawl danger index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

   Common saying says " the head of a bed quarrels bed end closes " , the men and women after brawl, the kind that often uses a body上海品茶工作室

will resolve the conflict on the mood. But after quarrelling, the happy event inside human body, anger, care, think of, Bei, fear, Jing, be current of the seven emotional factors, right now blood of the gas inside body moves be in go against chaos and Yu sluggish condition, energy spirit is out-of-the-way, if make love below such circumstance, the special rule of blood of can aggravating gas moves, bury a variety of healthy hidden trouble. Just should return a mood among them especially not when beautiful, make love constrainedly, generate allergy sentiment more easily, be just the opposite to what one wished.


nbsp;  Raise action: Although brawl hind already excused the other side each other, also want again slowly, wait for a mood to transfer completely calmly.

   Prelude 5: FatigueDangerous index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

   Many busy office worker are taking a suit exhaustion in the late evening " hold to " make love. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, such meetings make essence of life enrages damage, and disaster and kidney injury. And, tired out body achieves groove hard, the climax becomes the issue of a within sight but beyond reach almost. If both sides is not raised as a result of physical strength, those who produce physiology and mentally is double and listless, can appear even be afraid of difficulty and be tired of a mood, if things go on like this may cause the frigidity of a few sensitive crowds.

   Raise action: Sleep first shut-eye, the redo after resting adequately loves; Perhaps put two sweet mouth glue in the head of a bed, when getting up the following day, try already popular " dawn primary " . Do not fear a day of your meeting is next whacked, coach of German women football confirms, in the morning sexual love can invite female team member people daylong energetic.

   Prelude 6: Index of big food risk: ★ ★ ★

   Although big eat content is,make you

   "Quality " deliver the exalted food that urge广州夜网论坛

affection, also cannot make love below full abdomen condition, otherwise the metropolis such as sexual organs, cerebra and blood of gastric bowel contention are supplied, bring about not onlyDyspeptic, still cause systemic blood the loop is disorder, the person often also feels lumbar hip aching and limp, physical strength appears a bit poorly evenGiddy, DisgustingWait for a symptom, violent act is caused possibly stillAcute appendicitis.

   Raise action: After dining, should wait 40 minutes at least, need a stomach basic platoon is empty.

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