How to raise function force to enhance the food of function
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In modern life, a lot of people discover his physical strength to drop, also do not have strong body again. Be i上海品茶工作室

n especially sexual life go-between, can feel sexual interest declines. So, what does the food that enhances function power have? Below small make up will tell everybody a few sexual loveHealth caremethod.

High grade protein especially the liver of the animal, flesh kind, testacean, milk, corn, legume, potato, vegetable, brown sugar contain zinc; Egg of hepatic, birds, dairy produce, fish, crab, shellfish, wild cabbage, spinach, leek, celery, carrot, pumpkin, sweet the dish such as potato, dry chili, tomato kind in containSupport oneselfContain in embryo of oil of embryo of element A; cereal, yoke, legume, hard fruit, vegetable, chicken, wheat, cornmeal, biscuit, earthnut, sesame seedVitamin EAll sorts of; bright jujube, vegetable, fruit contains many vitamin C.

Drinking quantity and sexual function discretion have great concern. A few drinking that have certain profit to the body, if long-term excessive drinks to be opposite mucous membrane of oral cavity, stomach, h佛山夜网

epatic, heart and vessels, respiratory tract, lung cause damage, can 上海品茶工作室
injure nerve, Eyesight, make memory and intelligence drop. Drunk hind of be pregnant with of of the same branch of a family fetal often misshape or intellective and low, have person for " alcohol " . Alcohol has inhibition to sexual function, can bring aboutImpotent, Premature ejaculation, Seminal emissionEtc.

Anyhow, science absorbs nutrition reasonably, will make your sexual life more harmonious and ideal, can make your appearance does not decline, green permanent.

But the food that to above these have filling kidney to help positive effect, must notice at 2 o'clock: It is to want a foundation body state, enter appropriately fill, cannot enter without limitative excessive fill, otherwise " going too far as bad as not going far enough " , may bring secondary action. 2 beDietotherapyNot be medical cure after all, the effect won't be reflected very quickly, must hold to edible for a long time. Want to perserve only, can have expectant result certainly.

The Ma Ren of meat of head of thick cottonseed oil, pig, sheep head, rabbit, black agaric, wax gourd, water chestnut, fire, almond food that is considered as to go agains东莞夜网

t sexual function. The link that its affect still very not clear, but motherland medicine thinks they have essence of life to this world of gas, injury and decline the undesirable action such as cold kidney of essence of life.

Small make up sweet clew: Above is small what does the food that makes up what introduce to everybody to enhance function power have, believed to know through introducing everybody! In上海水磨

the life, want to make sexual interest dye-in-the-wood, might as well eat these bit of food more.