Aweto does not suit everybody 4 methods discern true bogus
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Aweto is the beautiful with a kind of first-rate effectHealth careTaste and take a tonic to build up health is tasted. Aweto has adjust immune force, fightTumor, fightCancer, filling gas, enrich the blood, the effect such as Zhuang Yang.

How does aweto eat best

The water that boil is drunk when tea, is not to be usedBlebMove drink, this way is simple and efficient. Normally, one secondary boils aweto 6~10 minute, the attention should use gentle heat, boil time is short, after water leaves, want to be drunk immediately, the edge drinks Bian Tianshui, be when aweto water color is the deepest when nutrition is the richest, the water sc广州夜网论坛

arcely of this moment wants waste. Normally aweto water can experience by weak to thick turn again weak process, aftertaste also very continous is long. Did not drink when aweto water becomes weak to present white even, can eat off aweto. Aweto tea can drink one crock on at least half hour, the 4~6 that add water second.

And stew inside the flesh (evaporate) : Stew (evaporate) the flesh when, put Chinese caterpillar fungus th上海品茶工作室

e meat inside (in abdomen of duck, dove) small fire is stewed to the flesh ripe

Use muller aweto wear, in installing capsule box, carry, daily and time take.

Aweto is invigorator after all, do not sui上海品茶工作室

t all crowds

The constitution slants the person that heat up had better not eat. Modern food is much fatter, often big fish big meat, inside many human body phlegmy heat, the metabolization child platoon of the saving does not go out. As a result of actuating pressure big, feelingFatigue, they are entered via often can eating bit of aweto fill. But the expression that fatigue may not is body empty. Divide disease hind, postpartum the person that wait for the body empty with specific reason, someone else should eat aweto, had better consult a doctor to the hospital first. If be entered blindly,fill, likelihood南漳微信小程序开发

suffer from excessive internal heat, excessive is taken still can bring aboutFlustered be discouraged, be agitated, facialErythemaReach the disease such as limb dropsy.

Current, the sham aweto on the market is not little, constant somebody uses Chinese caterpillar fungus sham. Chinese caterpillar fungus divides an area to have in our country greater part, grass of summer of Dan Dong bug originates in Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Gansu Province only, particularly precious.

Differentiate of all directions law aweto true bogus

Current, the aweto quality on the market is uneven, pass away the sham as the genuine of a few pedlar, shoddy. When everybody is bought, should notice law of lower part of in order to discerns true bogus.

See careless body: "Form " be like silkworm. Aweto bodily form is like silkworm, have only commonly " careless head " , seldom have many ramose " careless head " Chinese caterpillar fungus, "Careless head " base the ministry is thicker, extreme gradually fine, length is in 0.1 ~ 4 centimeters. Surface of quality goods Chinese caterpillar fungus is rough, annulus lines is distinct, mutual 20~30 annulus grain. Dry Chinese caterpillar fungus is qualitative fragile, yi She is broken. After Chinese caterpillar fungus breaks off, section has the print of pony hoof form of one hollow or weak gray. Form of pruning of Chinese caterpillar fungus is slightness more or bend slightly form. False Chinese caterpillar fungus is the protruding dot that is semmetry at the same time however, it is the stripe with parallel equal space at the same time, it is to use matrix fill to make commonly come out.

Know careless quality: "Color " palm is yellow. Watch color of loess reachs palm yellow outside aweto, head Huang Gong is lubricious, most " careless head " partial color is nigrescent, long and thin, sectionEven, color is sent slightly yellow. Quality goods Chinese caterpillar fungus fizzles out with bug style quality 上海品茶工作室

clean, shining, plump hypertrophy, section is not Huang Bai color, hollow, child smallish, WithoutMildew changes, the person that do not have foreign matter is beautiful.

Hear careless flavour: "Flavour " great raw meat or fish. Taste the dried mushrooms that has nature really aroma or take fishy smell slightly, bogus is tasted do not have odour commonly.

Bubble Chinese caterpillar fungus: "Body " even. True Chinese caterpillar fungus immerses with boiled water, bug system runs expand and soft, bacterium lubricious accentuation is become black Brown, bug body and bacterium close be linked together, do not fall off. Steep is small have a stink. After false Chinese caterpillar fungus immerses 10 minutes with boiled water, can show original shape slowly, yellow opens an embryo to fall off, false bacterium also begin to fall off, as apart as bug body.